Sunday, 21 February 2010

Review: Dove Body Washes with Nutrium Moisture

Apologies: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I no longer do it. ^__^ I received 3 bottles of Dove shower foam from Dove's marketing representatives at the end of last year. With all the shower foams I had on my bathroom shelves, it took some time before I could get to start using these, but when I started, I couldn't stop! I personally adore Dove's "Global Campaign for Real Beauty" and "Beyond Stereotypes" philosophy that is used in their advertising campaigns. I'm also a long-time user of Dove shower foams. In the past, I used Dove exclusively. Especially when I'm on a budget, it's a shower foam that I depend on for value-for-money. They never fail to perform by cleaning thoroughly, with a soft luxurious scent but never stripping the skin of its moisture. I never feel deprived when I use Dove shower foams. (And NO I'm not paid to say this! :D) Anyway, I've finally used these 3 new formulations for a sufficient period of time for me to give a proper review. I can only say, "I LOVE THEM!" These shower foams have a new Nutrium Moisture formulation that promises to "restore skin’s natural moisture while cleansing (with body washes). Minimizing protein and lipid damage while cleansing is critical for maintaining healthy skin." According to Dove, NEW Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture™: • Repairs and maintains skin’s protective layer during cleansing • Unlike moisturizers in other body washes, Dove Body Wash with NutriumMoisture™ penetrates surface skin deep down to replenish and nourish • Clinically proven to significantly reduce dryness and improve moisturization • Available in Deep Moisture, Sensitive Skin and Gentle Exfoliating After using all three variations, I find them all equally good with subtle but significant enough differences between them to suit varying needs. What I like:
  • There is no residue after showering with the body washes. Unlike other moisturising foams I've used, these leave the skin thoroughly clean but is non-drying. I don't see any patches of dry skin or lines on my body, instead, the skin looks soft and plump.
  • Each variation has the base scent that is typical Dove, but there are some differences in the fragrance for you to be able to tell the difference between them.
  • The scrub variation is soft and non-scratchy but the beads are sufficiently "rough" to provide a nice scrub experience.
  • Deep Moisture is more creamy than Sensitive Skin variation, so you can choose which you prefer.
What I dislike:
  • I don't think these formulations are available in Singapore yet! Haha. :D
I enjoyed using these so much, I got a large bottle of Dove Firming Moisture. I'm loving it so far, though I find they don't have the same moisturising effect as Nutrium Moisture, so I'm looking forward to having that formulation in Singapore soon!
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Thursday, 18 February 2010

New(?) Japanese Items in Watsons Singapore

Apologies: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I no longer do it. ^__^
Hi sweets! Welcome to the New Year!!
Chinese/Lunar New Year holidays is just over for us, and though I'm still very busy (going to be even busier) at work, I finally have a little breathing space on the home front. :D
Hence, I come bearing "ninja photos" taken via "stealth mode" at Watsons today. I was very excited to see these 2 products on the shelves at a Watsons store I frequent near my office. It's the first time I saw them and reckon they must be new. I wanted to share the news. :D
First is Tsubaki oil that I learnt of from Yumeko in 2009. It's the very same brand that she blogged about and it is in Singapore shores. Both the oil and oil+water formulations are available, but the price seems exhorbitant to me! Is it highly jacked up?
I also saw this cute hair product that I intend to get and try soon. Will review it when I do.
That's all, just a brief post for now. Take care, till later ... soon! :D
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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I've Not Abandoned this Blog

Hi sweets, just checking in to say I'll be back in mid-Feb with reviews which I owe. It's been unexpectedly crazy around here in real-life and I don't have much access to the internet or my stuff, so I can't photograph or upload anything right now. I did a simple quick change of my web and twitter design to unify the looks. It's a change that reflects a new energy and spirit that I have. I hope you like it. © Copyright. All rights reserved.