Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sponsored Review and Giveaway: Cetaphil Skincare Regimen

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^ Closed for comments. Winners to be announced at 9am on 06 Sep 09, Singapore time. Good Luck! :D I was very excited when a public relations representative of Galderma Singapore contacted me about providing Cetaphil products for trial and evaluation on my blog. I has previous positive experience using one of Galderma's star products, the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Whenever I have an allergy or ezcema breakout, I tend to turn to Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to give my skin a "break". It was prescribed by my doctor and I usually find it provides the optimum amount of gentle cleansing with very little aggravating ingredients. As stated in Galderma's letter, "Cetaphil family cleansers, moisturisers and sunscreen is a widely recommended over-the-counter skin care range by doctors for people with dry, sensitive skin or various common skin problems such as eczema, contact dermatitis or acne vulgaris." Galderma's trial and evaluation package that was sent to me included generous samples for a give-away to my blog readers. So keep reading for how to enter this give-away. My Trial and Evaluation Although I have used Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser before, I decided I should do a week-long trial on all the products that Galderma provided in their package. It includes a complete skincare regimen for cleansing, moisturing and sun-protection.
According to Galderma, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is "specially formulated for people who have dry and sensitive skin. As Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleanser is a non-soap cleanser, it leaves a moisturising film on the skin after use. The skin will gradually feel smoother and supple."
As promised, the cleanser is emollient and much better for people with dry skin. My skin is mostly dry and highly reactive. I found that when using Cetaphil cleanser, I don't need as much moisturiser as I normally do. If I'm only using a thin film of powder, I can use Cetaphil cleanser for makeup removal as well. It can be used either with or without water.
The only reason I don't use this as a regular cleanser is because I use waterproof makeup and I'm used to using a oil cleanser combined with a foaming cleanser. Otherwise, Cetaphil cleanser is good enough for every day use. It might be a bit too heavy for people with oily skin, hence Galderma recommends their products for people with "dry and sensitive skin or aging condition".
After cleansing, I used Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. It doesn't feel heavy or oily but leaves a watery film that absorbs well into the skin. It moisturises well and I can feel it creates a barrier against the environment. Although it is non-comedogenic (does not clog pores), some people with oilier skin might find this a tad uncomfortable, but for me, it's actually a rather good thing.
Finally the Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50+ is applied over the sun exposed areas. I am new to this sun protection product from Cetaphil. I didn't realise they produce this! I'm so pleased to have the opportunity to try it and I'm adding it to my list of affordable and effective sun protection products to buy! It's very light and the fact that it contains 7 sun filters and 1 sun blocker makes me feel I am well-protected against the harsh sunlight.
Overall, I find Cetaphil to be one of the better drug store skin care products that delivers what it promises and is suitable for gentle and non-aggravating cleansing, moisturising and protection. In the days when I was on a budget, I used Cetaphil exclusively and now I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone with similar sensitive, dry or ageing and reactive skin.
Give-away: 5 Samples of Cetaphil Skincare Regimen
Galderma has provided 5 generous sized samples for readers. Since I will be paying for the shipping to readers and the samples are rather heavy, I must keep this give-away to Singapore readers only. Not to worry, I'll be doing some give-aways later for international readers, so you will not be left out. But for now, Singapore readers, please enter this give-away by doing the following:
  1. Follow my blog
  2. Post a comment beneath this post, on why you want to try Cetaphil's skincare regimen (do note that it's more suitable for readers with dry, sensitive or ageing skin concerns)

For the convenience of the lucky draw, I apologise that only comments for give-away will be allowed in this post and unrelated comments will be deleted.

Comments will be closed on 05 September 09, 0900PM Singapore time and five winners will be drawn by random number generator, and announced on 06 September 09, 1000AM Singapore time.

Good luck!! More exciting things will be unveiled on this blog in the coming weeks so keep a look out! :D
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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Discarding Old or Expired Products

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^ Recently, I tried to be "thrifty" and use up some old cosmetics and skincare. First, I still had some eyeliner and undereye concealer left after my usual 2-3 months discard period. After a week of using them past their discard date, I found my eyes tearing up and the skin under my eyes itching. I decided I better just throw these "old" stuff away rather than risk any eye infection. True enough, after I started using new concealor and eyeliner, the itching and tearing stopped. Secondly, I had left a bottle of toner unused for some time and decided to use it up, instead of throwing it away. After all, I thought, it couldn't be spoilt after just almost a year unused? I kept it in the cupboard where I usually keep my products, so it's dark and cool. However, I found my skin erupting in patches of bumpy rashes! I decided it's too much to risk and threw out the toner, opening a new bottle of the same brand, I found my skin returning to it's normal state. So, if you find yourself trying to save money by using up old products past their use-by or discard date, do keep an eye out for possible reactions and allergies. Don't persist in using these items when you see reactions, as you might damage your skin or cause infections. It's cheaper in the long run to just discard these items and use fresh/new ones. By the way, I'll be unveiling a couple of sponsored posts in the new few days, so start following this blog if you haven't done so already. :D © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Review: Watsons Bird Nest Essence Facial Mask

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^ Watsons Bird's Nest Essence Facial Mask is a paper mask that comes in a box of 6 and is also available as single packs. It is a Watsons house brand and is made in Korea. Here is the description and ingredient list from the back of the packaging. (click photo to enlarge) I use this mask at most only once a week. Usually, I'll use it once every two weeks. It's very moisturising and makes my face feel very smooth and supple. However, I feel it's too nourishing to use too often as I think it might make me break out in pimples, even though my skin is on the drier side. Hence, I think it may not be suitable for oily skins. Normally it retails for $14.95 per pack of 6. I purchased it once at $9.95 per pack with 2 free single packs. And at a recent Watson sale, it was sold at $9.95 per pack with an additional 20% discount if you spend above a certain amount. It's worth stocking up on this mask. I can't say enough good things about how supple and smooth it makes my skin. It's more economical to buy it in bulk as it is really a very good hydrating and nourishing mask and I don't mind having more of it to use. By the way, I've created a public Facebook account for blogging friends, so add me if you like here. I'm enjoying myself adding more friends and find it's quite fun to have a public account. :D Oh and I saw The Body Shop is having an atrium sale at Plaza Singapura. Do head there if you're looking for bargains on Body Shop items. :D © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Guest Review: Sheer Indulgence Facial at The World of Organic Skincare

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^ Recently, Aichaku's Beautification was offered a no-holds barred, no-strings attached opportunity to review the Sheer Indulgence Face Spa, which is The World of Organic Skincare's signature non-invasive facial treatment that is customised according to individual skin concerns. Additionally it was a chance to learn more about the two main brands, Living Nature (NZ) and Organic Apoteke (UK) carried and distributed by The World of Organic Skincare. As the name of the company suggests, their products are organic and natural. The only request from the company was for honest and sincere feedback. Lucky reader, Pinky took up the offer and came back glowing. Here is her review of her experience. Sheer Indulgence Facial at The World of Organic Skincare by Pinky Thanks to Aichaku of Beautification, I got to sample the luxurious and aptly titled Sheer Indulgence Facial at The World of Organic Skincare. World of Organic Skincare Firstly, some facts: The World of Organic Skincare is located at 468 River Valley Road, right opposite Valley Point Shopping Centre. Their number is 68380168 and other than facials, they also provide a whole menu of other spa services like nail treatments, massages and yes, even Brazillian waxing. spa menu The World Of Organic Skincare distributes 2 organic skincare brands: Living Nature, which is free from synthetic ingredients and preservatives, and Organic Apoteke, a line of organic cosmetics and skincare based on ayurvedic principles.
Living Nature Organic Apoteke
I was hosted by the director of The World of Organic Skincare, Lawrence Chee and my therapist for the Sheer Indulgence facial was the lovely Mei Lin who is also the GM. The facial: The session started with my filling up a form, listing my typical skincare routine and my concerns regarding my skin. Mei Ling used this as an assessment tool for my facial as The World Of Organic Skincare customizes their facials according to different skin types. The only thing in common is the manuka honey mask because it is very gentle and suitable for all skin types. On top of that, I really like the fact that all their products are pumped out on the spot at the cocktail bar according to customers’ needs; nothing is pre-prepared.
Treatment room
As I have sensitive skin, Mei Lin recommended that I use the Enzyme mask and the Hydrating mask rather than the Kaolin clay peel. The Kaolin clay peel is an exfoliating treatment which has the added benefits of brightening overall skin tone, with firming and lifting properties to boot. The facial started with makeup removal and cleansing. I had the option of testing out both the milk cleanser as well as the foaming cleanser. What was interesting to me is that the foam from the foaming cleanser actually comes from a plant called gum-digger's soap. No chemicals or foaming agents were used to create the suds which is rather magical for me :) This was followed by a deep cleansing mask for my T-zone area while the rest of my face was treated with the hydration mask. Exfoliation was gently done using the enzyme mask and I was treated to pampering massages while the masks were working on my skin. Living nature products Then came the highlight of the facial: the Manuka honey mask. The honey was warmed up and massaged into my skin using a pair of special rose quartz crystal wands which were also heated to keep the honey pliable. The heat was comforting and the pressure from the rose quartz crystal wands were just right. I felt my facial muscles relax, much as if I've gone for a massage for my face. The facial ended with a hydrating mask to cool my skin and I emerged relaxed and ready to face the world. Thoughts: My skin was definitely glowing after the facial. Overall skin tone seemed evened out and I was able to walk out without the urge to put on my BB cream, with only the sunscreen Mei Lin used on me as my only sun protection. It was also interesting how the moisturiser and sunscreen did not turn sticky in our humid weather but remained relatively 'crisp' on my skin even after a couple of hours later. Another thing which I really liked was how smooth and glossy my lips were after using the Living Nature lip balm. With sensitive skin and lips that tend to peel after using lip balms, lip glosses, lipsticks, I'm leery of using stuff on my lips. However, the Living Nature lip balm changed my mind. Maybe I should really consider getting a tube for myself after all :) I also liked the fact that the facial is highly customised and the therapist is confident enough to "prescribe" the products used and the massage protocols in the facial were also tailored for my specific conditions. The only problem I had was with the location of the spa. It's not a biggie, in fact, they are very central and well-located, just that it's not near any train stations, so it's better if you drive or take the bus. For me, I'm more with the trains, so had to take a cab on the day of my appointment. But as I mentioned, it's not a biggie as they are very easy to locate. Do give them a try. For someone who's tried lots of skincare brands, it was an interesting experience to try out organic, natural skincare products which works just as well as other non-organic brands. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Game Mania aka Other Things that Occupy My Time

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^ This is a scheduled post. 012copy Besides being a full-time working mother who is a shopping maniac obsessed with fashion, bags, shoes, skincare and makeup, I am also a busy, busy, busy person playing with my new toys! I recently bought myself a DS Lite (and ofcourse the Hello Kitty cover, how can I miss that out), as it's very cheap now and have been playing games like Gardening Mama and Cooking Mama 2. A friend who has upgraded to the DSi, has offered to sell me her older games, I'm looking forward to getting more games to play. :D The husband also gave me his old iphone as he just got the new one that is recently released. I've loaded a tonne of applications from itunes shop! Very fun too. He especially bought a pink cover for me too, when he passed me his hand-me-down. LOL!! And check out my new PINK foldy-headphones! LOL! :D I've also been playing Pet Society and Restaurant City on facebook. :D My pet is called Meowie and she is mad about fishing, gardening and running races. :D Since I am now officially inducted into the gaming world, we decided to go to the recent Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention. It really isn't very exciting or vibrant but I think it's a good start. I almost bought some new PC games but sadly, was dragged away before I could make my decisions. 004 I was especially intrigued by the Blythe display. I only own 1 Blythe doll but Blythe is a doll that has a big following in Singapore. I know some people who own whole cupboards of these dolls and experts who customise their dolls. I love the attention to detail that is made in these customisations. 007 It's common knowledge that some people are freaked out by dolls, especially ones like Blythe. They never fail to loudly and openly make known to me their extreme horror and disgust with these dolls, despite knowing that I own some of them, LOL! Such tactless and insensitive people that I have as friends!!!??!?!!! Understandably (I'm a kind and forgiving person) it must be Chucky who spoilt the market. Other than antique dolls, which I love but will never want to own (I have a superstition about old dolls), I personally adore dolls as they bring out the girl in me. I don't dress up in lolita, but it's akin to people who dress up in lolita fashion and carry dolls. ;D © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Review: Jewelry of Lav Earrings

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^
Lately I've been on an earrings binge. I recently got these pretty earrings from a local Singaporean jewellery maker, Lavender who has an online shop, Jewelry of Lav. Her designs are whimsical, intricate and very detailed. I especially like her fairy-tale themes. Just my cup of tea! 008copy It is my failing that I am not able to capture the beauty of the earrings in my photos (I wish I had a macro lens). In real life, the earrings have a delicate prettiness that makes me feel like they are precious little objects of art! As you probably know, I love mismatched handmade earrings (I have Yumeko to thank for this). So, I love the fact that Lavender has designed some earrings in sets of threes, so that you can use a different pairing each time or even use one of the three as a pendant. 007copy_¸±±¾ I loved one of her designs, Cinderella Story, very much but it was sold out, so Lavender custom made one for me. I have to say I am very, very happy with it! I have absolutely no regrets trusting her with the custom design, I didn't specify anything but she chose all the flowers and charms so well, that I feel it is even better than I could imagine myself. :D 005copy Lavender has kindly extended free registered postage to readers from my blog. You just need to state that you have come from my blog "Aichaku's Beautification" when you purchase from her. Do head over to check out her designs. Personally, I foresee myself buying more from her in future. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Love Package from Jamilla

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^ On Wednesday, I received a surprise package from Jamilla. I was so excited that I opened it and photographed it unceremoniously on the kitchen counter where I normally go through my mail!! LOL! Jamilla spoilt me! She shouldn't have, but I can't deny I loved everything she sent! Here are the items. 001copy I mentioned once to Jamilla that I needed to get prescription sunglasses made soon (due to eye sensitivity I can't wear contacts anymore). She must have remembered because she sent me a cute purse and this pair of sunglasses. I'm going to bring them to the optician this weekend. :D Oh, and obviously, I got the info from Fuz and finally got myself started on using xiuxiu meitu. Pardon my over-zealous photo-decoration., I'm loving all the fancy. :D Jamilla really knows me well. I'm a magpie (love the bling bling) and a Hello Kitty fiend. I adore the Hello Kitty jewellery she sent and the DSK heart! 004copy 003copy Thank you so much Jamilla! :D © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Review: Loreal Perfect Slim Patch

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^

I picked up 2 boxes of this Perfect Slim Patch yesterday at the Watsons sale. It was on discount and on top of that, I received a further 10% off. Overall, this made the price very attractive for a box of 6 patches.

According to the box blurbs this is Loreal's "INNOVATION: First anti-stubborn cellulite patch". It contains "a significant amount of caffeine", which they call "caffeine Cx, a powerful active lipo-reducer, which works to break down the fatty build up". The instructions state that the patches should be applied on places "where cellulite is most visible", and they should be "left on for several hours - 8 hours maximum".

I was very excited to try them and used these patches last night. Sad to say, I was very disappointed right from the onset of application!
First of all, the patches do not stay on! How the heck should I leave these on for "several hours" when they don't even stay on for more than a few minutes? I followed the instructions and used them on clean, dry skin. Yet, the patches could not stick on long enough.

Fortunately I had some surgical tape at home, so I use them to hold the patches onto my skin and it worked to keep them on overnight.

That said, the patches do work, I think mostly by drawing out water. I am not sure how it works physiologically, but I noticed I had to keep going to the toilet! I felt my skin was firmer and smoother.

However, despite the success, I don't want to use this anymore. Fortunately, Watsons has a return policy and despite the good outcome, I am majorly turned off by the need for me to use DIY methods to keep the patches on my body. I'm returning the 2nd box and will not try these patches again until Loreal improves the design of the patches.

Loreal should take notes from a local made-in-Singapore product, Tiger Balm. They produce patches for pain relief and their design is much better as they include a covering adhesive that keeps the patches on the skin regardless of how much movement you make.

Additionally, I feel it's an advertising gimmick for Loreal to proclaim their patches are "Innovative". These patches are very common especially in Asian products. The texture and material of the patches are similar to Japanese patches, eg. cooling patches for the forehead for fever or even the leg patches that I reviewed previously. The only innovation I can see is that Loreal applied idea of anti-cellulite ingredients in these patches.

I tried to find a feedback email so that I could write to Loreal and give them my comments about these patches. However, I couldn't find any. All I could find was a telephone/fax number. In this www-era, I think Loreal should at least include a feedback email contact. I do like Loreal products and in general they do deliver what they promise at a nice drugstore price. However, this is one really sucky product that I regret buying. It seems to me that neglecting to include email feedback contact information conveys the message that Loreal doesn't think it needs any customer feedback.

Final word? Until Loreal improves on the design of these patches, do not purchase unless you want to suffer extreme aggravation and annoyance.

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Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^ Beautification Stuff has been updated with new sale items. That's about it. I'm probably posting another set of sale items at the end of the month as I cull through my makeup. I can't possibly use everything I've tried, so before it expires, hopefully someone else can make good use of the stuff. Check here: © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Saturday, 8 August 2009


Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^ Beautification Stuff has been updated with the beginnings of the sale. Check here: © Copyright. All rights reserved.

A Small Update

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^ I just wanted to put in a quick word that I'm still here! I'm so sorry I've been neglecting to post. I have been really busy at my new workplace and when I arrive home at night, I feel very tired and unable to do anything more than just play a few computer games, watch movies or read. I just need to chill. If you know what I mean. I've even fallen waaaaaay behind on my google reader feeds. I'm so sorry if I've not been posting comments or replies to you, my favourite and lovely fellow bloggers! However, I'm happy that several exciting things are in the works for this blog and I'd like very much to keep it alive and relevant, so I promise that August will bring in more stuff for your reading enjoyment. I'm also going to use this long weekend to churn out some blog posts too. Additionally, I've been going through a discovery phase where I find I prefer some makeup things over others, so I'm preparing a small blog sale too. Do keep a look out for it. I'm going to include some things I picked up in Korea, which might not be readily available here in Singapore. :D Have a great weekend and Happy National Day to all Singaporeans! Despite my cynicism about some things and the complaints about our horrible humid and hot weather, I am really happy to live in Singapore! I love you Singapore! Hahahahaa. :D PS: Oh, I twitted that the husband is giving me his old iphone (now that he's going to get the latest one), and I'm so happy. It has a data plan too, so I can save my pennies for makeup and skincare. No need to buy a new phone or the small netbook that I've been contemplating for mobile computing! Isn't that great? LOL! © Copyright. All rights reserved.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Favourite & Best: Paul and Joe Pressed Powder

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^

Ahhh! The weekend is here! It seems I can only blog on weekends nowadays. I have been mighty busy at my new office and new work coverage. It doesn't help that I haven't been feeling well and the work just piles up when I'm off on medical leave. I might try blogging a whole bunch then scheduling posts over the week. Will see how I fare with my writing output first. :D

I'm starting a "Favourite & Best" series because first of all, I don't want this to become merely a haul blog! LOL. I wanted to give some-value added information. :D So, I figured it might be interesting to let you know what items I repurchase without hesitation once they hit the pan. As a person who likes variety and exploring new things, a repurchase means an item is considered my favourite and deemed the best among all that I've tried, based on my personal experience, preferences and my skin type.

I'll begin this "series" with my favourite pressed powder, which is the Pressed Powder N from Paul and Joe.

Paul and Joe Pressed Powder N is very fine and matches my skin tone very well. It doesn't cake or dry out my skin, even when I apply with a puff.

I have both Pressed Powder N in shades 02 and 04. Recently I bought a refill for 02 which has hit the pan. When I'm using Pressed Powder N 02, it doesn't create a white powdery cast but gives a transluscent, natural look. Shade 04 gives a nice glowy look when I use it as a finishing powder. Being very fine, Paul and Joe pressed powders are good for touch ups through the day. The only drawback is it doesn't have any SPF.

At a recent Prestige (they are the local distributor for Paul & Joe) warehouse sale, I purchased the old Paul and Joe Pressed Powder in shade 02 Vanille. I've not tried it yet, but the texture looks similar to the new Pressed Powder N. I am only afraid it might be a little too light for me. Nevertheless, I think it's still a useable powder. Finally, I know most times, people are concerned about oil control. I'm not sure how good Pressed Powder N is in terms of oil control. My face is "weird" in a sense that if I use powders that have oil control functions, my skin becomes even oilier, and the powders become cakey, then I see dry flakes on top of my oily skin. It's like my skin becomes confused?

With Paul and Joe, none of these crazy things happen. It simply is very sheer, makes my skin look even, like it is naturally smooth and dewy without any makeup. In this sense, I can't tell if Paul and Joe powders have any oil control functions, but for sure it gives a very natural, clean, fresh and dewy look. Finally, I won Akisa's Beauty Swatch giveaway. It's a very pretty lip balm. Thank you! I am saving this for when I've finished my other lip balms. :D

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