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Review: Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel

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Recently I found out that Ginvera products are sold, with great success, overseas in countries like Japan. Hence, I decided I need to give some Ginvera products a try. Ginvera is a local brand and I believe we should support local products especially if they are effective and famous overseas, right? How could I have missed such a star brand when it's easily and cheaply available right in my backyard?

Image from Ginvera website

The first product I tried was Ginvera Marvel Gel with Green Tea. It was on sale at Watsons so I picked up a tube at a very affordable price. Even without a sale the price is very reasonable, being half of that of comparative products from overseas. The local packaging is slightly different, being totally green instead of white, but the product is the same.

Ginvera Marvel Gel with Green Tea is a peeling gel, that is a "chemical" exfoliation product that you use on dry, clean skin. As you rub, you'll find pieces of debri coming off, that feel and look like a combination of dead skin and facial oils or blackheads. According to Ginvera, Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel does the following (taken from the Ginvera Website): 

  • It is a mild exfoliating gel enriched with green tea.
  • It softens the cornified layer & gently removes dead skin cells.
  • It simulates skin metabolism, & has an anti-oxidant effect, making skin fairer.
  • It balances free radicals to delay the aging process.
  • It also revitalizes skin cells to lighten aging spots & freckles, removes make-up & impurities.
  • It is safe to be used daily, and has no side effects.
Ingredients Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera Powder, Bio-gel, Germanium, Herbal Extract, Polymers, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Methyl Paraben, Menthol, Cyclomethicone (and) Dimethicone. Direction of Use Spread the gel on dry face (NO Water on face and rub gently (do not use too much pressure) with both hands for 1 minute or until gel dries up. Next, rinse off with plenty of water or preferably with Green Tea Complete Cleanser. Use once a day (preferably at night) or alternate day. Safe to use daily.

  • It works! Skin feels smooth and clear
  • Pores appear cleaner (no blackheads and feels unclogged)
  • Skin is fresh with no sticky or greasy residue after rinsing
  • Affordable
  • Pleasant greenish scent - not chemical
  • Scent does not linger
  • Can be quite harsh as it contains AHA. Packaging says it is suitable for daily use but I found my skin becoming red after 2 consecutive uses, so I reserve it for alternate days at most.
  • Can be drying to the skin (see above point about harshness). I also do not rub for 1 minute as recommended by Ginvera, as I find my skin becoming raw if I do that. I just rub until I feel my face is sufficiently exfoliated and rinse off
  • Doesn't really whiten skin as it claims but that said, as with all exfoliation products, your skin will look clearer and brighter after regular use.
Verdict ★★★/5
I find it a useful and effective product. Although it does not deliver everything it promises, it DOES deliver the most basic function of exfoliation effectively at a drugstore price. So I'd say it's a good buy. I actually bought a couple more tubes during a recent sale. I put my money where my mouth is! Literally. :D

This article was originally posted at http://aichakubeautification.blogspot.com. If you see it anywhere else without credit, the content is stolen without permission.

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where can i buy this in Japan? is there a store in tokyo that sells this ginvera green tea marvel gel?
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