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Spa Review: The Ultimate

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Hi everyone, I decided to make an effort to update this blog! Thank you so much to those who took the time to contact me and ask after me. So yes, I need this blog as an avenue to express my thoughts about various things I try and recently, I went for a massage at The Ultimate spa, which I'd like to share with you.

I made a booking for a Ginseng Massage at The Ultimate Penthouse Spa at Shaw  under my DBS Card promotion at a special one-time rate of SG$38. I went alone and it was on a weekday afternoon. The reason for my attending this massage session was that I had a terrible body ache. All over my back, neck, shoulders and hips. Must be too much time at the computer that no amount of stretching, yoga or swimming could alleviate.

The environment at The Ultimate is very serene. As the name suggests, the spa is located at the penthouse level of Shaw Center. Once you step out of the lift, you'll find yourself at a beautifully designed lobby that leads to the spa. Stepping into the spa, you'll notice there's a way into a rooftop garden. I didn't get a chance to visit that garden, but I can imagine it must have a wonderful view of Orchard and Scotts Road, seeing that the spa is at the 27th floor.

There was little waiting time. I was served a warm ginger tea and then filled up a form, which included a space for indicating the level of pressure you prefer for the massage, and was sent into the massage room very quickly. There is a fresh set of towels and disposable undies, very cosy spa room, not too hot, not too cold and also not smelly with remnants of massage oils. The masseuse who treated me was very polite, unobtrusive and also strong enough to provide the "hard" deep tissue massage I requested for. At various points she asked me if her massage pressure was ok for me but other than that, she did not try to make small talk or sell products. Very good, I like that as I prefer resting when I'm having a massage. As part of the promotion, I had a choice of having a back or tummy mask. I chose the back mask and it felt warm and relaxing.

Normally the serenity and relaxation you obtain after such promotion spa sessions is quickly destroyed when you are greeted with hard sell for packages at the point when you make payment. However, I was pleasantly surprised that there was no hard sell at The Ultimate. The consultant who spoke with me told me about special rates and packages but politely backed off after I told her I'm not interested. Major PLUS point! Well done, The Ultimate. Also I was presented with hot green bean soup and a cup of water after my massage. I appreciated the little detail of including a dessert for the customer.

So here's a summary of my experience. As always, this is a reflection of my personal view and my personal experience. This session was also not sponsored.

  • Beautiful and tasteful spa design
  • Good location (easy to access with public transport and very central if you drive)
  • Clean and cosy private spa rooms
  • Nice service, good extras provided
  • Shoulder and upper back problem was resolved with good massage
  • No hard sell for packages
  • My stiff lower back problem wasn't resolved, but I guess I can't expect too much from a simple relaxation massage
  • Could be quite expensive if you are paying for it at the normal, non-promotional rate
VERDICT: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ /5

The Ultimate
Penthouse Spa at Shaw Center, 1 Scotts Road, Level 27 (Access via lifts A,B or C only). Tel: 6737 3383

This article was originally posted at If you see it anywhere else without credit, the content is stolen without permission.

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Anonymous said...

I have to disagree because my experience there was not very satisfying. The staff there could afford to improve on their service by being more professional in their verbiage. Also, the treatment room was disappointing compared to the very beautiful reception

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