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DESIRE by DOLCE & GABBANA is a new fragrance that was sent to me for review.

According to the press release, the concept of the fragrance is one of  "Desire, Seduction and Strength".

Everything starts with desire. There wouldn’t be seduction, sensuality or passion if it wasn’t for desire. For us, it’s always been fundamental to let this sensation go, to break the mould and live freely by emotions.” Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

With such a description, I have to admit, I was afraid I might hate it. I dislike over-powering fragrances with too strong notes. However, I am glad to say I was proven wrong, and actually like this fragrance. It's a little strong for my day time usage and I feel it's best used for the night.

But first things first,  I find the design of the bottle elegant with its black and matte gold combination and its weighty feel. Not one of those flimsy fall-off-the-dressing-table type of bottles and pretty enough for display. For such a heavy bottle the soft rounded edges is a lovely added touch that lends an opulent sense when handled.

DESIRE has "fresh top notes of mandarin, lychee and bergamot play softly against the sweet innocence of lily of the valley. At the core of an intense heart is a trio of ultra feminine florals. The elegance of Madonna lily and the heady opulence of Indian tuberose are blended with velvety jasmine and addictively sweet plum nectar. Adding an indulgent richness to the base is a gourmand note of vanilla infused caramel, melded with warming sandalwood, and a touch of mysterious musk and Cistus Labdanum."

To be honest this fragrance contains many floral notes that are my favourites: the white flowers of Lily of the Valley, Madonna lily and jasmine. On top of that a fragrance that contains the warm foody essenses of vanilla and caramel cannot go wrong with me. When it first spritz this fragrance on myself, I find it very refreshing and not too musky or overpowering. As it warms up on me, though it becomes a little strong, might be due to my body's tendency to deepen intense notes, which might be the Indian tuberose and jasmine playing up too strongly on my skin. Then the dry down ends with a musky sweetness.

I admit not everyone will like such an opulent fragrance but I'm one for heavy florals. They are my favourite type of perfume and I'm glad DESIRE did not disappoint. And I don't think it'll be an everyday perfume for me. I might wear it if I needed to have some confidence at an important meeting or gathering. But ideally, if I were to wear this fragrance it would have to be during an evening outing, where I'm feeling relaxed and wanting to enjoy some time out forgetting about the drudgeries of day-to-day life. I imagine maybe at an art show opening (I've only attended 1 so far though - snigger at myself) or a   concert and quiet dinner. And I would personally wear it further away from my nose, so none of the spritzing at my neck (which I tend to do). I'd probably use it at the nook of the elbows and at the ankles, and very little of it.

I always have a hard time finding nice floral fragrances these days. Perfumers and perfume customers seem to find florals a little generic and old old old fashioned. Many tend to be making alot of sharp or fruity fragrances that don't do well on my skin. Fortunately the citrusy notes in DESIRE float off pretty fast for me. So I can say I do like this fragrance.

Here's some information on this fragrance.


Desire EDP 30ml SGD 112
Desire EDP 50ml SGD 151
Desire EDP 75ml SGD 190

Desire by Dolce and Gabbana will be available from mid-2013 in Dolce and Gabbana boutiques and licensed perfume stores.


  • Elegant
  • Loads of lovely white florals
  • Sweet and musky
  • Long lasting (I'd say use a little of it, it goes a long way, especially if your body chemistry is like mine that tends to deepen fragrance notes and turn citrus scents sour, fortunately I think this one has ).
  • Might be too strong for daily use
  • Some might find the scent too floral and cloying
  • Too many florals - might be a put off for some people
  • Price point is a little high

VERDICT - 3.5 / 5

This article was originally posted at If you see it anywhere else without credit, the content is stolen without permission.

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