Sunday, 9 August 2009

Review: Loreal Perfect Slim Patch

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^

I picked up 2 boxes of this Perfect Slim Patch yesterday at the Watsons sale. It was on discount and on top of that, I received a further 10% off. Overall, this made the price very attractive for a box of 6 patches.

According to the box blurbs this is Loreal's "INNOVATION: First anti-stubborn cellulite patch". It contains "a significant amount of caffeine", which they call "caffeine Cx, a powerful active lipo-reducer, which works to break down the fatty build up". The instructions state that the patches should be applied on places "where cellulite is most visible", and they should be "left on for several hours - 8 hours maximum".

I was very excited to try them and used these patches last night. Sad to say, I was very disappointed right from the onset of application!
First of all, the patches do not stay on! How the heck should I leave these on for "several hours" when they don't even stay on for more than a few minutes? I followed the instructions and used them on clean, dry skin. Yet, the patches could not stick on long enough.

Fortunately I had some surgical tape at home, so I use them to hold the patches onto my skin and it worked to keep them on overnight.

That said, the patches do work, I think mostly by drawing out water. I am not sure how it works physiologically, but I noticed I had to keep going to the toilet! I felt my skin was firmer and smoother.

However, despite the success, I don't want to use this anymore. Fortunately, Watsons has a return policy and despite the good outcome, I am majorly turned off by the need for me to use DIY methods to keep the patches on my body. I'm returning the 2nd box and will not try these patches again until Loreal improves the design of the patches.

Loreal should take notes from a local made-in-Singapore product, Tiger Balm. They produce patches for pain relief and their design is much better as they include a covering adhesive that keeps the patches on the skin regardless of how much movement you make.

Additionally, I feel it's an advertising gimmick for Loreal to proclaim their patches are "Innovative". These patches are very common especially in Asian products. The texture and material of the patches are similar to Japanese patches, eg. cooling patches for the forehead for fever or even the leg patches that I reviewed previously. The only innovation I can see is that Loreal applied idea of anti-cellulite ingredients in these patches.

I tried to find a feedback email so that I could write to Loreal and give them my comments about these patches. However, I couldn't find any. All I could find was a telephone/fax number. In this www-era, I think Loreal should at least include a feedback email contact. I do like Loreal products and in general they do deliver what they promise at a nice drugstore price. However, this is one really sucky product that I regret buying. It seems to me that neglecting to include email feedback contact information conveys the message that Loreal doesn't think it needs any customer feedback.

Final word? Until Loreal improves on the design of these patches, do not purchase unless you want to suffer extreme aggravation and annoyance.

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Anonymous said...

I think exercise is the best way to go! There are alot of products out there that claims similar things and ppl are disappointed afterwards =(

Welcome to Jampipi Blog. said...

mayb u shd try VICHY?

Anonymous said...

hi, i got a box from watson bag before. u r right abt it don't stick at all.. But it really work. I use for 4 days in a roll and see decrease in waist line.

kamyara kay said...

i havent tried them but i was interested in it. but i didnt know about them not sticking. thats so bad :( loreal makes loadsa money so they should really be able to make better products.
love kamy

Unknown said...

I've tried the same thing :(

And it doesn't stick.

I went on to try Cettua's beauty patch, and it helped reduce my stretch marks a bit (which is why i bought this).

I make SWAROVSKI Crystal jewelry, in case you're interested!

Thanks <3

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

Anonymous said...

from these reviews, i wouldnt want to try.

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MiuMiu said...

i have to admit, i'm a sucker for these kinds of products, whether they really work or not..hahaha. that's such a major bummer...doesn't even stick properly?! lol at least you can return them