Saturday, 26 September 2009

Shopping: Myeong Dong & Loreal Beauty Sale

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^ Thank you to everyone who joined the International Follower Giveaway! If you haven't joined, there's still time to do so. :D Some of you were asking if there's a good whitening mask in the same price range as My Beauty Diary and I did some searching around but couldn't find any! It's because My Beauty Diary masks are really very cheap. In fact, I read on some blogs and forums that Guardian Pharmacy's promo price of less than $5 per box of 2 masks, is to quote, "sooooooo expensive!!!!!!!!!". I guess for that price point, it's probably too much to expect great whitening effects. For me, I find it's a so-so product because it didn't smell great and I didn't find it moisturised my skin that well either (it stung), so I thought the price wasn't something I'd be willing to pay, even if it's considered "cheap". I could get better moisturising masks at a slightly higher price (perhaps $1/2 more) and I'd be willing to pay that difference. Anyway, my favourite whitening masks are from Kanebo and Silk Whitia. And as for pearl type masks, Silk Whitia's Pearl Finest Powder Pores Refining Mask is also my favourite. In terms of moisturisation, my favourite will be Watson's Bird Nest Essence Mask. I have another favourite, which I will review soon, it is Beauty Talk Q10 Mask. It seems I caught the bug and became very industrious about creating new looks and trying out new tools for my "websites"! I spent almost the whole day today at trying to create a blogshop at Simply, Aichaku! I got feedback that the "storefront" on Facebook requires one to log in before one can view it. I thought that's not good, because not everyone is on Facebook, so I tried my hand at making a "storefront" on blogger. So far, it's only got 1 product on there for now, because it really takes alot of time to create the "storefront"! OMG. I truly take my hat off to those who are managing their thriving online stores and creating stuff all by themselves! Meanwhile, I also unified the look of my makeup and skincare sale blog Beautification Stuff and added stuff there. I'll be adding more soon. I'm trying out the paypal button to ease your shopping. I hope it works out well for those who decide to make a purchase. Let me know if you encounter any problems. Omg, I must tell you that I saw a short vid on youtube the other day and suddenly I miss shopping in Myeong-dong sooooo much!!! Is it nuts to keep going back to the same countries? I love shopping in Tokyo, Taipei and Seoul but I should start heading toward Europe soon! Take a look at the clip. The guy who made this video seems to be pronouncing "Myeong-dong" in a weird way, but nevermind, thanks to him, we have a brief view of the Myeong-dong experience. I haven't been shopping much lately, hence the lack of haul posts. Anyway, I was feeling bored on Tuesday evening earlier this week, so decided to head to Raffles City for the Loreal Beauty Sale (it's like a periodic warehouse sale). I couldn't get to the Loreal Private sale that has the high-end stuff. It took place a the week before. Someone was trying to sell me tickets which she probably got for free, but I had a bad taste in my mouth and decided not to buy them. So, I headed to the general Loreal sale instead. This is my haul. I restrained myself as I still have a tonne of stuff to use! :D I break my "rule" about putting up prices because I really find these prics so cheap! I must share the good news! SG$15 for 2 Pure Zone moisturisers (made in 2009). So cheap! I'm going to try this on my t-zone and see how it works on my open pores. SG$40 for 3 boxes with 5 masks in each box (also made in 2009). I used one on Tuesday night itself. It turned out to be quite good as a moisturising mask, though I felt slight stinging in the beginning (I blame it on my PMS-dry skin) but after awhile there wasn't anymore stinging. Well worth the price I paid otherwise. Eyeliner at SG$10 each (brown and black). I tried out the black this morning. Turned out very nice and dark! No smudging too. Great and cheap. I read it smudges on some people, but it doesn't smudge for me. Maybe it's because I use a eyelid primer (Too Faced).
Have a great weekend everyone! ^_^ © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Shop N' Chomp said...

Nice haul you got! The vid makes me want to visit Myeong-dong even more. :D

Jamilla Camel said...

Very good haul!

Great shopping experience vid!

Zwala said...

Hi Aichaku..Im Zwala..been reading ur blog since months..haha..but it took me forever to post a comment..sry.. n yup..thanx for following my blog.. :)

n after watching that video..i want to go for shopping as well.. :P

and lovely haul..

Anonymous said...

Nice Haul girl!

Jessy said...

wow..the eye liners are really worthy. $10 only!! can u blog more abt these bargains? =) thanx.. i'm staying in sg too.