Thursday, 1 October 2009

Review: DHC Acerola Lotion & Paul & Joe Whitening Emulsion

Note: I used to put prices as a service for those who wanted to know, but I'm feeling this exposes my spendings abit too much, so I'm no longer going to put in prices. ^__^

I've been using DHC Acerola Lotion for almost a week and Paul & Joe Whitening Emulsion for about 2 weeks. I had heard and read alot of good reviews about these 2 items but I found them both to be less than ideal for my skin. This proves that skincare and makeup is all about finding your personal optimum levels based on your own skin and preferences. After some time of trying out things based on reviews, I find that it's best take the reviews together with knowledge of the reviewer's skintype and preferences.

My own skin is, as I have stated in my "Beauty Profile", aging/maturing, hence I find it is getting drier and requires much more help. On the other hand, I have hyper-reactive skin which doesn't do well with too strong or powerful ingredients. Hence, I think I can never say it enough, but when reading my reviews, do keep these considerations in mind. :D

The problems I faced with these 2 products sum up the above points. I found both items a bit harsh. Something in these 2 products made my skin turn red and bumpy. Unfortunately, I didn't behave like a good reviewer, I didn't look at the ingredients list nor did I keep the boxes! So you have to just base this reviews on my personal descriptions.

DHC Acerola Lotion dries out my skin quite abit and doesn't add the moisture or hydration that I have come to expect from lotions. I think it's probably a better product for oilier and younger skin that is more resilient?

Paul & Joe Whitening Emulsion is a product I picked up from a recent Prestige sale and I am told it's a discontinued item. While I love Paul & Joe makeup bases, I found Whitening Emulsion didn't do much for me. It doesn't give a deep-down moisturising and hydration for my skin. It functions well enough as a surface moisturiser, ie. it gives a surface boost and a layer to protect the skin but I personally found that it lacked a deep-down hydration that I need. After I use it in the morning, I find my base makeup doesn't apply smoothly. As such, it's to be expected that I won't find it moisturising enough for the night.

In terms of whitening, I didn't find it doing anything for me either. I also found my skin turning flakey and blotchy, I lost the glowy clarity that I achieved when I was using Kanebo's skincare. Again, I think this will function well for younger and oilier skin, like those other bloggers who reviewed this product and loved it. :D

After these 2 weeks of switching to something different, I'm considering if I should just go back to using Kanebo skincare and just forget about trying all the different skincare products and samples I picked up over the previous months from sales and from my travels? Would that defeat the purpose of a review blog?

Well, anyway, I'll be adding stuff to my sale blog, please do take a look at Beautification Stuff.

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amynaree said...

Thanks for the review. I tried a sample of the DHC Acerola lotion and I agree it's a bit harsh and drying, but I do love the Acerola gel which feels more comfortable on my skin but I still have to use a separate moisturizer because it is not hydrating enough, but it does make my skin healthy and radiant.

Shop N' Chomp said...

I agree with you that finding the right skincare product is definitely individual. Thank you for both reviews. :)

Unknown said...

The acerola lotion doesn't make me feel comfortable.. but it doesn't make me break out. One of my family members used the Acerola 100 and that broke her out, she had maturing skin. A line I love from DHC is the Olive Leaf line, I can't stress this enough! I have reviews on my blog but I'll just let u know that it's great for any age range (esp. mature skin). For me it's really gentle and moisturizing~ If you have a chance you should try that line instead :)

sizbelle said...

maybe you can start to explore on gmarket, i'm simply hooked to online shopping!

ya skincare really depends on individual skin type. the p&j emulsion that you got really was a discontinued one as i tried to enquire 2 wks back at p&j shop in taka. They told me that i was like...wat.

Thank you for the wonderful review!

Babybubblz said...

Thanks for reviewing! I am new to DHC (only heard of their cleansing oil - have u tried it?) so it's very helpful!

It's interesting with skincare, sometimes when a line is working, we don't notice how good it is until we switch to a bad product. I have favourites, but it's hard to resist trying new things.

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi Aichaku, I use the P&J whitening serum in conjuction with two other moisturizers! As you said, it's not moisturizing, but it has worked really well for me (but I've used it for many months).

Good luck! I'm also using Lancome Blanc Expert NeuroWhite X3 High Potency Whitening Spot Eraser that I bought from Kay (Bihada Diaries) and I'm quite happy with it.

Laura L said...

oh, u are searching for something whitening??
the etude house o2 white mask works instantly...

theotherworldly said...

I think it might be the whitening ingredient that's drying -- I'm no rocket scientist or an expert on DHC, but lots of whitening products use acidic solutions (citric acid, Vitamin C, ascorbates, kojic acid .. etc) and it can really dry the skin to the extent of making it dry. Then once skin is dry it loses the brightness. I've been having this problem with the Lancome Neurowhite X3 line -- especially the eye cream. It totally made the skin around my eyes peel and the lines deeper :( but anyway back to you, thanks for the review! I trust your views since I have sensitive skin too. :) cheers