Saturday, 30 October 2010

Review: Jurlique Sensitive Skin Care

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My skin was acting up with all sorts of blotches, rashes, pimples and bumps in the past few months. It felt tight and dry, yet oily at the same time. I thought I should return to one of the basic skincare staples that got my skin in order in the past.

Here's what I used to get things back to their normal state: Jurlique's Chamomile Soothing Mist, Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel, and Herbal Recovery Eye Gel. Coincidentally, I purchased these items at the right time. There's a 50% discount on the price of Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel now, with a purchase of one full-priced item.

It has proven to be the trusty rescue for me once again. My skin is getting back its natural balance and while I have a few scars left to clear up, I'm on the way to recovery.

Jurlique is an Australian brand and in the past, when I used to be in Australia a lot, I found Jurlique to be, for me, the best skincare that can be purchased there. I know the brand doesn't get plenty of raves on review sites like Makeup Alley. In fact, some people complain it's overpriced and that the products do nothing for them.

However, what you need know is that Jurlique is a natural skincare brand. The ingredients will not be as potent as synthetic chemicals and results will take some time to show. Sometimes also, the effects are not dramatic. But actually that is what's good for me. My skin, which is hyper-reactive and pretty thin, takes to its soothing and gentle contents. So, I personally recommend Jurlique's range of products for people with sensitive skin or for people who prefer gentle skincare.

  • Gentle
  • Effective 
  • Does not cause reactions or breakouts
  • Beautiful, natural scents
  • Nice packaging and styling
  • Natural
  • Expensive (but honestly, not as expensive as some of the "premiere" skincare brands)
  • Effects take time to show

Y Y Y Y Y/5

Generally, this is a brand that I return to, time and again. While there are other all-natural/organic brands out there, this is a tried-and-tested brand for me, and had proven itself over the years to be suitable for my skin. So I tend to go back to it, despite trying many other brands of skin care.

This article was originally posted at If you see it anywhere else without credit, the content is stolen without permission.

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jayie said...

may I know how much is the original price of the soothing hrg? n any idea when is the promo over? thks!!!

aichaku-愛着 said...

hi jayie, the original price of the large bottle is over SG$200, currently about SG$100 plus. so sorry, i didn't take note of the promo period, but i think it might still be on. suggest try calling the jurlique counters at CK Tangs?