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Sponsored Review: (Contest) ESSENTIAL Hair Products

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The Sample Store sent me a small hamper consisting of 10 ESSENTIAL hair products for trial, as part of the ESSENTIAL bloggers challenge. In this contest, 13 winners from the selected 100 bloggers will receive a KAO hamper.Additionally, readers will have a chance to win a prize too (details at the end of the blog post).

I've used a couple of ESSENTIAL hair products prior to this and was very pleased to receive this hamper of more ESSENTIAL products to try.

The 10 sponsored products are:

Essential Rich Premium Shampoo
Essential Rich Premium Conditioner
Essential Rich Premium Treatment
Essential Hair Mask Rich Premium
Essential Hair Essence Rich Premium

Essential Nuance Airy Premium Shampoo
Essential Nuance Airy Premium Conditioner
Essential Nuance Airy Premium Treatment
Essential Hair Mask Nuance Airy
Essential Nuance Airy Hair Essence

Here're close up looks at the ingredients and usage instructions on each of the products.

The key feature of Essential hair products is the promise that they will care for even the last 15cm of your hair. I have above shoulder-length hair but my hair is still very dry at the ends. So, I find products from Essential very useful indeed. The shampoos are not drying (though those with oily scalp might want to avoid using the shampoos) and smell gorgeous. The conditioners and treatment masks are also very rich and ensure the hair strands are all nicely moisturized. No fly-away strands after using Essential!

I am particularly fond of the Essential Hair Essences. They function like leave-in serums or no-rinse conditioners and are applied after you have towel-dried your hair. I use 1-2 pumps, rub the Essences between my palms and spread evenly on my hair ends. Following that, I then rub my hair between my palms to ensure the serum is thoroughly absorbed and spread. I have even tried applying the Essential Hair Essences when my hair is dry and found they work equally well.

My favourite is Essential Nuance Airy Hair Essence, which I can use everyday without feeling like my hair is weighed down too much. I like using Essential Hair Essence Rich Premium for a richer twice-weekly "treatment".

Here are before and after photos of my hair (with no styling products)

Before using Essential hair products
Dry ends and fly-away strands!

After using Essential products, with Essential Nuance Airy Hair Essence

You can see my hair is not oily, but smooth.
It has no fly-away strands, even without any styling products

After using Essential products and with Essential Hair Essence Rich Premium.
My hair is soft and shiny. 
The essence is thoroughly absorbed, leaving my hair smooth and silky.


  • Does what it promises
  • Very effective in taming wild and dry hair ends
  • Not oily, absorbs well, leaving hair smooth and silky
  • I love the delicious scent! I'm very picky about scented products. I hate things that smell overwhelmingly chemical or cheap perfume. This range of products is neither of that. They smell very fragrant and delicious, a combination of fruity and yoghurty smells.
  • No allergic reactions. (Note: My habit is to complete my hair-care routine first before showering and washing my face with foaming face wash. So the hair-care products are not left lingering on my skin. However, I also did not experience any scalp itchiness.)
  • Not expensive - very affordable.
  • Nice packaging (I love the pink! Keke ... I'm biased.)
    • The shampoo is on the rich side, and may not be suitable for those with oily scalps. 
    • Some people might not like scented products, if that's the case, this range might annoy you. The scet does linger even after many hours.
    Y Y Y Y /5

    Overall a great range of products (and I'm saying it because it's sponsored - remember, I used the brand before this too, buying the products with my own money). Give it a try.

    Now the CONTEST:

    Please head over to to vote for your favourite Before & After pictures that will be published in Facebook. Vote by "LIKE"-ing your favourite, The TOP 3 bloggers with the 'MOST LIKES' wins a KAO HAMPER! 

    For the readers, 20 voters will be seleected randomly and awarded 1 Essential Hair Essence (voters get to bring home their choice of hair essence).

    *To find out more details of the contest, visit

    This article was originally posted at If you see it anywhere else without credit, the content is stolen without permission.

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