Monday, 24 November 2008

Amino Collagen

Image001copy I observed that my skin is slightly more "plump" and "dewy" after drinking my Meiji Collagen C for a few days. But actually, I'm not sure if it's psychologicial and also it may be due to my renewed effort in using paper masks regularly. I also don't know which areas to photograph to make some sort of documentation of improvements. Still, I feel it's a nice thing to add to one's diet to preserve one's "youth". Anyway, while shopping at Watsons, I decided to pick up some more collagen drinks from Meiji but a different type, Amino Collagen refill pack (I thought I could just put it in an airtight box), to stock up and see how it improves my skin and hopefully my hair over the next few months. It was on sale but still very expensive, at SG$50plus. After I bought it, I read it is actually very very cheap in Japan! *heart broken* And I also read some people bought it at very much cheaper prices from an online source, called Beauty Box. Nevermind. It is still cheaper, than buying the bottled collagen like those from Fancl. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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Anonymous said...

i bought the vitamin c animo collagen you reccomended earlier

i am drinking fancl powdered collagen at the moment but i figured some extra vit C wouldnt be bad XD

if u take something with Q10 in it, should aid in absorption of collagen too