Friday, 28 November 2008

Majolica Majorca Christmas Editions

I was getting very upset at myself for not being able to score good discounts or deals with cosmetics and makeup recently! I really hate paying full-price or more for things that might be available cheaper, if only I knew where to go! However, yesterday, I told myself I'd give me a break from trying so hard! I was getting a little too stressed about such a trivial thing. Hence, while I knew some promo is going to take place today, I bought some Majolica Marjoca items I wanted at full price with no freebies, simply because I happened to be at Ngee Ann city, the Christmas items were available, and I loathed the idea of going back there another time. I do kind of regret not getting the brown-copper palettte though! I'm always like this ... 002copy2

I talked to the SA there and they were all very friendly and patient. All 3 of them, who came over on their own accord and chatted with me. I liked one in particular more than the other 2. So, I opened up to her and I moaned to her that I felt quite a failure because even though I do put on makeup, it seems like I don't have any on at all. I asked her advise and asked if it's because I'm choosing the wrong colours or the wrong products. She explained that she can see I do have makeup on, but because it's very light and natural, it's not dramatic and hence not obvious. She called it a bare-faced style. However, it is not a bad thing because such type of makeup does not look harsh and helps to brighten the eyes and freshen up the face. So, it's not an issue of choosing or doing the wrong thing. It's just an issue of what look one wants to achieve! If I'm looking to have a natural fresh look, I'm not doing anything wrong. Thus explained, I felt that I actually did achieve my goals with makeup and felt comforted. Hahaha. She's a very clever SA! She really knows how to talk sweetly! I did a search and found there's a Singapore Majolica Majorca website. Maybe we can look forward to more Singapore-related information online. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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sarsarblanki said...

eeppp am over zealous here as there is no Majolica Majorca back here(T_T) Must make a trip back to Singapore soon!! The eyeshadow palette looks so lovely♥