Thursday, 20 November 2008

Kose Eye Fantasist, Kanebo Lunasol and Coffret Dor Report

I have no photos of my eyes for this report, because I realised the camera phone isn't able to pick up the colours at all, even if I wore heavy eye colours! (And I don't have time to take nice photos in the morning with my DSLR ... rushing to work) ... And also ... I'd prefer to avoid showing my face or any parts of it ... But I wanted to make some personal comparisons and evaluations about the eyeshadows from Kose (Eye Fantasist) and Kanebo (Lunasol and Coffret Dor Party Palette) that I bought the other day. I've included some swatches on my arm for sample. I'm beginning to think maybe I've bought colours which might be too light for my skin tone but for my eyes, I feel colours that are too dark darken them even more ... Hard to find a balance ... (Also, my skin tone is not as yellow and dark as it seems in the photos here. I can't seem to adjust them to get the acurate colour ... but the yellow light helps to bring out the eyeshadow colours a little more.) On to the reports ...

Kose Eye Fantasist (Moonstone/BE353) For both times I used the eyeshadow palettes, I used Kose Eye Fantasist (SG$30plus) liquid eyeshadow (shown above) as a base (I was inspired by Bittenbefore!). The Kose SA recommended me Moonstone/BE353. She told me my eyes are too dark and need something to brighten them. I really found it helped to brighten my eyelids and give them a "lift" as the colour is neutral but bright enough and there is very subtle shimmer that lasts through the day. I found that with this as a base, eyeshadow colours were more "visible" on my lids, compared to other times when I did not use any base, even if I did use concealer to hide my dark circles on my eyelids. So it was a good thing to have bought Eye Fantasist as a base ! I'm so in love with it, I have decided I need to go back and buy 2 more colours I was eyeing. Maybe next month, as I've busted my personal "beauty" budget already. Kanebo Coffret Dor (Sweet Dressy - Limited Party Palette Christmas 2008) Next, I will talk about Coffret Dor Sweet Dressy Palette. (Eyeshadow on the right, lip glosses on the left). It costs SG$50plus. After alot of indecision, I bought Coffret Dor's party set because I really liked the case and I liked the idea of having lip colours together with the palette. I chose the Sweet Dressy purplish-pink palette in the end, because I thought it might be useful to try more "colourful" and sweet colours instead of my usual muted/natural eyeshadow preferences. I used the eyeshadow on Tuesday and I found the colours helped give me a light and fresh feeling. I might have piled on too much eyeshadow though, because I found my eyes very irritated by the eyeshadow powder. It floated into my eyes through the day and I had watery eyes the entire day. As for the lip colours, they are very sheer and moisturising. However, even though I'm a lipgloss user (I dislike the feel of lipsticks), I still find the Coffret Dor lip glosses are too light and lack staying power. I do like the colours but I think they might be a bit too "young" (bright+shimmery) and light for me. I also think I should have gone with the Noble Dressy combination instead as I originally intended. But overall, it's a good option to have, perhaps for use on weekends, casual Fridays or on days when I need some cheering up. Lunasol Winter 2008 Limited Party Coffret - Eyeshadow Palette In comparison to Coffret Dor, I truly *LOVE* Lunasol, which is the 4-colour palette eye shadow from Lunasol's Limited winter release Party Coffret 2008. Firstly, when I used the Lunasol eyeshadow palette today, I found the colours more suitable for me. I love the subtleness of the colours, which make me look fresh yet, not overly madeup. The eyeshadow is very fine and goes on smoothly, not powdery at all, even though it is a powder eyeshadow. I had an intention to look for better eyeshadow that doesn't hurt my sensitive eyes, but I never realised something like Lunasol is possible. I might have been just buying too much cheap eyeshadow. I confess right now, that I am completely sold on the quality of Lunasol. This quality was not so evident when I tested the shadow on the back of my hands, but is completely evident when I apply the shadow to my eyelids.
The party coffret is selling for SG$90plus for the whole set of eyeshadow palette, liquid eyeliner, blusher, nail polish all contained inside a gold purse (There's a picture of it in an older post below). Overall, I find it very worth while, because an eyeshadow palette from Lunasol is already SG$70plus.
Conclusion Overall, I found my favourite combination in Eye Fantasist as a base and Lunasol eyeshadow for colours. While I like the freshness of Coffret Dor's colours in the party palette I bought, I might not be buying anymore Coffret Dor. I think I will keep my money to buy Lunasol in future. I will talk about the hairsprays I bought in another post. I do have some reports on them! :D

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yda said...

thank you for the review! I've been wanting to get some Coffret D'or but thanks to you I'll just save and just buy Lunasol..