Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Today's Shopping Report

I seem to have misread the information about the Robinson's sale. When I went down after work today, I found out the cosmetic counters are not participating in the store wide discount. Fortunately, Polar was there accompanying me and she comforted me. We also saw discarded plastic wine cups all over the place but couldn't see where the wine was being served! Well, I did get to check out the limited edition brush sets from Bobbi Brown and Shu Uemura. Shu Uemura's Mika Limited Edition Portable Brush set had very excellent brush fibre. Bobbi Brown's Copper Diamond Delux Mini Brush Set had a very lush and sophisticated looking pouch. However, I decided I didn't like any of the sets at all because I found all the face brushes extremely small. I also checked out Bobbi Brown's full brush set and I liked it, but not so much that I would pay more than SG$300 for it. I also concluded I liked Shu Uemura's face brush best but at SG$90plus a piece, I didn't think I should get it, since it was beyond my budget. Overall, I liked Shu Uemura's brushes the most, and if I could find some courage to do it, I'd buy the Shu Uemura face brush. After looking at the brushes, I headed to the Kose counter and looked for Eye Fantasist BE352 and BE871. The SA told me these were not available and likely to have been limited editions. Oh oh. *sad* I felt I must buy something, since I was already there, and I ended up buying SP056 Ice Cream because it had a pinkish tint on my skin. I might need to look at alternate sources for buying this addictive product. SG$38 seems a little much, especially when I realise I could buy it at a cheaper price online (hopefully I can get from online shops where the products are "real" and "fresh", ie. not fake and not outdated stocks). Image003copy I also bought some manicure items, which did have a 20% discount. I think I bought them to comfort myself that I did get some discount! I looked around further but I couldn't find any BB cream or drugstore type mascara which would have been discounted also. I completely forgot I had originally intended to look at shoes though. Image004copy Additionally, today, I purchased some mineral makeup samples from an etsy store. The store received some great reviews, especially about the eyeshadow, which is said to have high colour intensity. I can't wait for my samples to arrive! © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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