Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Shopping And More Shopping!

I went shopping yesterday determined to buy some Japanese cosmetics but though I spent more than 2 hours walking about trying the colours, I ended up not getting any. I did have a thought I might still go back and try out Lunasol and Coffret Dor again, just to satisfy my yearnings. I don't understand why I am so hesitant. (But there's a later development from today ... which you can find out if you read on ...)
Anyway first, about yesterday though. I found a good concealer and powder surprisingly, from Mac! Why do I say surprisingly? I say that because I always thought Mac is not suitable for me, because it seemed so American-focussed and I thought their colours will be more for Western skintones than Asian. But I was totally wrong. I went to the Mac counter after checking out Japanese cosmetic counters and Bobbi Brown, so I was thinking, I will try my luck with Mac. Interestingly, I spent only 2 minutes talking to the counter girl about concealer and powder, and in my heart had already decided I will buy those colours she recommended. Even before she let me try them on my face! So, when she said, "Let's try on your face," I had full confidence it will be a match and truly, they were good matches, plus the concealer is both moisturising and conceals well. I used both this morning, the powder over my Legere BB cream and felt my face looked very smooth, finished yet natural (I apply with a brush). I'm now a huge Mac fan and convert. I believe I will keep buying these base products in future as they are both good and not that pricey for the quality and great finish they produce. And will probably explore their colours too in future. In addition, I cut my hair and bought some hair products in the effort to try give my hair some volume. I can't help my hairloss. It runs in the family on my mom's side, we all lose hair early, but I could try to do the best with what I have. I bought velcro rollers to roll my hair after I showder in the morning, to create some volume. I am trying to avoid heating products like hair dryers to hopefully keep whatever hair I have left, in a healthy condition. My hair dries very fast anyway, due to the lack of it. LOL! I also bought hair spray that I saw on Bittenbefore's blog - Air Arrange! And more stuff... here's a photo of all the things I bought yesterday! I overspent, truly! (How could I have spent so much on so little???) Image010copy I have to say, the clay(?) shampoo is really good! It doesn't foam very much but cleans off everything without stripping the hair dry. It says alot that I've found this a good shampoo, because I have really oily scalp but limp and dry hair that's really a terror to manage (bad hair days everyday). This shampoo doesn't have sodium lauryl sulfate. Maybe that's the key. Anyway today, I was so stressed at work, so right after I completed all my work at the end of the work day, I ran out of the office and drove straight to Takashimaya. Then, I immediately bought the Kose and Kanebo items I fought against buying yesterday ... And though I feel I've spent waaaaaaay too much, I feel so contented now ... Image012copy


yda said...

hello Aichaku! I wanna try that Air arrange hairspray, where can I get that in SG? thanks so much! ^_^

aichaku-愛着 said...

Hi yda, I bought it from Nishino Pharmacy at the basement of Shaw House, where Isetan is located. Hope you can find it. It's very good to use.

yda said...

thanks so much!!!!