Sunday, 23 November 2008

Diary of My Fight Against Eye Wrinkles

04 November 2008

Ok, here's a photo of my eye. The skin is so dry and wrinkly! I have on some eye makeup and concealer, and I can see the folds of dryness very clearly! And more than a couple of deep lines too! OMG!! *CRY* 04 Nov 2008 I had been faithfully using eye cream since my twenties, so I was super horrified to see the dryness there. Must be my eye cream from The Face Shop isn't working so well. I was unaware that the dryness had gotten so bad! wrinkle stop

10 November 2008

While I was at the shopping centre, I wanted to check out skincare products. I was at Watsons, and I was feeling really tired. I could feel that my eyes and skin were super dehydrated, so I decided I would like to get an eyemask. I decided to look for some eye patches and found a cheap pack at Watsons, Purederm Anti-Wrinkle Gel Patches, which costs about $12 for 6 pairs. Image003 I put on my sleeping face mask and a pair of the eye patches now. It feels sooooooo sooooothing ... I don't know how it will be when I wake up tomorrow (instructions say to wear it overnight). I hope it makes my wrinkly, dehydrated skin much, much better in the morning. I hope that will help my dark circles too. While doing research, I read about hyaluronic acid. And guess what? The eye patch I'm wearing has hyaluronic acid in their list of ingredient! Interesting. 12 November 2008 I wore the eyepatch overnight as instructed and the next morning, my dark circles were lighter and my wrinkles looked less crepey. Now, two days later, my regular eye cream seems to be absorbing better and my eyes are looking less tired. Interestingly, these cheap gel patches contain the important ingredient (hyaluronic acid) that is found in the Shiseido Bio-performance range, which is so much, much more expensive! I am thinking I need to get a better eye cream and I read alot of good reviews about the Bio-performance Super Eye Contour Cream. This cream seems very expensive to me, at SG$90plus, because I tend to go for drugstore brands or cheaper Korean alternatives in an effort to be a prudent family woman (mom trying to be thrifty). I need to do a bit more research and shopping around.

16 November 2008 I used the eye mask overnight again last night and my skin softened considerably. While checking out products at the shopping centre, I found Loreal had released a new range of products under the name Derma Genesis, which contain hyaluronic acid (seems like the super ingredient!) Since I have many desires and still must try to be thrifty in this crazy economy, I decided to buy the Loreal eye cream from this range to try out as a cheaper option to Shiseido. Oh and look, it is also called Eye Contour Cream, just like Shiseido. I hope it works. Image002

22 November 2008

I used the eyepatches a third time (on 19 November) and have been conscientiously applying the Loreal Derma Genesis eyecream morning and night. On some nights,the eyecream is not moisturising enough and I have to add some of my old oilier Wrinkle Stop eyecream on top of using Derma Genesis. I felt maybe I was wrong to have purchased Derma Genesis, especially if I have to use another eyecream on top of it some nights. So I decided to take a photo to do a stocktake of the situation. I was surprised to see, that despite my misgivings, the skin around my eyes have visibly improved and especially at the lids, there is much more moisture and plumpness compared to 2 weeks ago! This is my eye without any makeup and no concealer. The dark circles seem to have lightened too! 22 nov 2008 I'm quite sure it's both the eyepatch and the eyecream that have made a big difference to the skin around my eyes. However, I can't put the eyepatch on my eyelids but my eyelids have improved considerably, so I'd hazard a guess that the Derma Genesis made the most difference.

While the results are better than I expected, I am still undecided if this is the best option. I might still need to check out Shiseido and beg for a sample. If Derma Genesis requires another night eye cream on top of it, is it really the best solution? I have to think on this a little more and observe the outcome a little longer.

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Yumeko said...

wowowow~! congrats !~

i bought some from faceshop, will let uknow how tat goes!

aichaku-愛着 said...

the improvement is quite dramatic isn't it? day-by-day i didn't notice the difference though.

will wait for your reviews. :D

IchigoBunnie said...


that's seriously a HUGE difference!!

btw, is there an ingredients list on the box of the eye gel patches? I'm really allergic to sulfates (and need things as oil-free as possible since i am severely acne-prone) so i'd really appreciate it if I could know the full list of ingredients. Thanks so much :)

your review of this is so intriguing. it's nice to know that things actually work! especially the drugstore brands that are cheaper. i'll definitely keep an eye out for the loreal eye contour :)


Asa said...

I should be receiving my TFS Wrinkle Stop eye cream any day now...I hope it works for me!!!!