Saturday, 29 November 2008

Legere BB Cream & Beauty Credit Color Lotion

I'd like to share my personal experiences and make a comparison between Legere BB Cream and Beauty Credit Color Lotion. For a long time, I never used any base and only put on a light dusting of powder to prevent shine. This year, I ventured into using makeup bases because I finally found some which have sufficient skincare benefits to protect and avoid aggravating my silly cranky sensitive skin. Beauty Credit Lovely Q10 Color Lotion The first one I used was Beauty Credit's Lovely Q10 Color Lotion. I purchased it in early February this year when I read good reviews about it. It happened that on the day I purchased it, there was a buy 1 get 1 free promotion, so I got 2 bottles. 1 bottle is now half-used and another still unopened. It was marketed in Singapore as a light tinted moisturiser with benefits of Q10, moisturisation, and sun protection. I liked it then because it was very, very light, provided a natural coverage, and didn't cake up. It provided a good transition for me into using a base. Legere BB Cream The other product I now use is Legere BB Cream. It is the only BB cream I have and it's unlikely I'll need to try any other. When I purchased it, I saw a poster explaining that this BB cream helps to heal the skin problems and scars, on top of protecting sensitive skin from the environment and sun, while providing coverage for cosmetic purposes. Image000copy I bought it at the end of September and to be honest, I've been using Legere BB Cream daily as my base. I only use Color Lotion when I feel guilty for neglecting it (remember I still have another unused bottle?) and only during weekends. The benefits of Legere BB Cream are astounding for me. After a whole day, the BB Cream still provides good coverage. It does not emulsify nor create a layer of oil on my face. When I clean it off at the end of the day, my skin appears softer and clearer (none of those rashes or flushed redness that comes from environmental irritants). Some old scars and my numerous freckles have also lightened! Comparisons and Swatches If you make a comparison between Legere BB Cream and the very light Beauty Credit Color Lotion, Legere BB cream looks darker and thicker when first out of the tube (it is the brown-looking cream). Beauty Credit Color Lotion is much more runny and is thinner (the lighter one). This is the amount I normally use for both products, perhaps only slightly more for the BB Cream. I don't need alot and this is enough to spread all over my face. Actually the Color Lotion pump usually releases a little too much and I always waste alot. Image002copy After I spread it out, Legere BB Cream lightens and becomes considerably more runny (BB cream is on top, Color Lotion is below). In this photo, I didn't spread it all out and blend it completely, and I also removed some excess, so you can see how it has morphed and how it can blend. The interesting thing is, once it is blended on my skin, both Legere BB Cream and Beauty Credit Color Lotion blend well but the BB Cream provides better coverage. My freckles and some scars are well-concealed by Legere BB cream. Image003copy Perhaps from this, you can see why I love my Legere BB Cream. It looks natural when I use it, it feels good (it is light and my skin reacts less to environmental irritation) and it stays on the entire day (it doesn't emulsify like the Color Lotion tends to). Beauty Credit Color Lotion is obviously a completely different product as it is meant to give only a very, very light coverage. The major plus point for me is that Legere BB Cream gives so much more coverage and staying power, yet feels as light and comfortable as a tinted moisturiser like Beauty Credit's Color Lotion. I did hear complaints that Legere BB Cream too dark for some and also does not give a good oil control. I am an NC25 for Mac's powders, so I think I'm darker, so I find Legere's colour suitable for me. Also my skin is slightly oily at the t-zone but mostly dry, so perhaps that is why I find Legere's BB Cream is alright for me. I don't need to use alot of it, and there's still has alot of BB Cream inside the tube I purchased back in September. By the way, these photos of my hand were taken yesterday and I realised my skin has become less dry compared the older photos of my hands! I think it could be due to the collagen drinks I've been drinking! © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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