Wednesday, 18 February 2009

EOTD: Jill Stuart Seductive Eyes 06 Romantic Goddess

Synaesthesia asked about Yuskin-A's functions, but I had already thrown away the box which contained all the information in English. So I did a search online and found the Yuskin company website. There's a section on the history of Yuskin creams and another one that describes the different functions of Yuskin-A, including ingredients list. Additionally, I forgot to add in the previous post, Nisshio has the Yuskin S cream too, which is formulated for sensitive skins and contains the added ingredient of Perilla Extract. I think I'll be buying the S version next time. Hope this helps! On hindsight, does it seem scary to put this cream on the eyelash line, especially when it says "medicated" on the label? I don't know why I didn't feel wary and just went ahead to experiment! In fact, I'm not sure how or why something is labelled "medicated" in Japan. I have no idea seriously, I hope someone can help to clarify this matter. I used my Jill Stuart today, unable to contain my eagerness. I love how the colours show up on my skin! It's unlike makeup like Bobbi Brown's, which doesn't show up well on my skin at all, or looks muddy when I apply too much ... To satisfy reader curiosities, I'm posting a photo of ONE SINGLE EYE. I must admit to photo-editing (badly) the scary dry line under my eye. I couldn't let that go out into the world wide web! It seems to be worse when I apply concealor so I have no choice truly and had to edit that. And please forgive the messy brows. I need to go to a eyebrow trimming service soon. I also have bad dark circles, which no amount of concealor/corrector can eradicate. I found it very hard to capture the colours ... it took abit of colour adjustment that I'm still not happy with at all because it still doesn't show the colours properly! Until I learn a better way to capture the colours, this will be the only EOTD that I'm doing! Meanwhile, you'll just have to trust me when I say I'm happy with the colours on an eyeshadow palette. Image001copy So, this EOTD was done using Jill Stuart Seductive Eyes 06 Romantic Goddess and the Non-no tutorial (Look #1) that Haru of Rouge Deluxe had previously posted. Following the tutorial, I applied some eyeshadow on the bottom lash line too but it's not obvious in the photo here at all. I also used the 08 Romantic Poppy blush but didn't take a photo. I need to get more Jill Stuart! The texture is a bit powdery on the Seductive Eyes palette but I don't mind it at all, since I love how it shows up well on my skin. I also think I get better results using the sponge applicators, so I'm going to give up on brushes for now. While the camera phone doesn't pick up the colours very well and I need some tips on how to take good EOTD photos, the truth is I am always in a big rush in the mornings getting everyone and everything ready and out of the house. Taking a photo is the last thing on my mind right after I'm done getting ready for work. And I don't usually have any interest in putting on makeup at other times to tell the truth. Weekends, I just do the sunblock, powder (maybe some tinted moisturiser) and mascara, because all I'm doing are motherly duties. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Jamilla Camel said...

Hi Aichaku,

Thanks for posting your eye!! The colours are a bit hard to make out, but it looks very smooth.

I still haven't mastered the single eye photo like Fuz has, but I can take a decent picture of my lids with my eyes closed..can you try that?

I know, we're coercing you into showing your face on the web!

fuzkittie said...

Hehehe, maybe you can do more makeup experiments on the weekends!! :D What I do is take pretty much a photo of my face or half of my face, then I crop my eye area out for the close up. How many mega pixels is your camera? Any digital camera with at least 3 mp should work! I just use Paint in windows to crop photos, haha. I have no clue how to photoshop.

Yayy I'm glad you like your JS, I can't WAIT for mine!

miRaCLe said...

wow! it must be nice trying out the gorgeous JS pallete :D

Did you get the yuskina cream from Nishino Pharmacy at Taka's basement or Isetan Scotts' basement??

i must go check it out after my exam and get down to daiso for furikake!! Thanks for sharing :D

Yumeko said...

i havent tried using yuskina on my eyes yet, the dhc lash growth seems to be doing wonders for me so i am sticking to that for now

as for eotd...i dont know if mine are any good but i have a table lamp that has a daylight bulb at my dressing table so i just look ahead at my mirror and take the photo. thats all i do. oh and i just take pic of my eye, i dont take a photo of my whole face.

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Hey, I've problems taking photos of my eye too! Somehow I think it shows up too many fine lines, hence no photo yet on my blog. lol ;P

But, I think this photo is a great effort on your part. Enjoy reading your reviews.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

thanks aichaku,

i know im a bit late.. hahaha i'm kinda slow... still looking for Yuskin A, no idea where can i find it since i'm not in Sg ... seems like u n fuz been raving abt it, i'm so tempted to try it...