Monday, 23 February 2009

Recession Beauty Guilt

I just read a piece of news about Beauty and Recession that says,

"Despite the threat of job losses and the country's deepest economic recession, seven in 10 Singaporeans will continue to spend on beauty products and services, a small industry survey showed. One in every two polled said they spent at least S$50 a month on beauty products and a third said they would be cutting back on other lifestyle choices, not beauty, according to a survey by the organiser of the BeautyAsia 2009 exhibition."

Two things struck me after reading this article.
  1. I know it says people will continue to spend but the benchmark used was "at least S$50 a month". What kind of benchmark is that? Is S$50 really enough to spend on beauty products? Or have I been spending too much?
  2. I suddenly feel extremely guilty that I'm spending so much on beauty products and very suddenly feel a bit fearful and pressured to spend less!
I was actually thinking of getting some of the following soon (23/02: edited to strike out those I can do without and those I just bought):
  • P&J Disney collection - Skunk & Bambi Blush (so cute!! I have some Isetan vouchers ... so I was thinking I might as well get these P&J stuff from Isetan...)
  • Lunasol's Anniversary LE Set (would look first, because I was disappointed with the Spring eye palettes, but it's likely I'll get it)
  • P&J primer
  • Maquillage Spring 09 Eye Creator 3D and Face Creator 3D (gonna look at the colours before deciding)
  • More Coffret Dor's Shine Drape Rouge Lipstick (they look so good!)
  • Dior Addict High Shine
  • Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect (I saw some of the new Dior colours and I'm interested in going back to get some)
  • Another Lunasol Liner (I'm beginning to like this liner alot more than any others I have)
  • More Just 1 Jill Stuart Eye Palettes
  • Another 1 or 2 Jill Stuart Blush (thinking of getting from gooddealer and also asking somone to get some for me when she's in Taipei)
  • A Rootote (to put my coffee flask, bento and book ... I hate sticking these things into my hand bags).
  • A Coach bag - (I've been wanting one for just throwing around, you know casual use? But I have a tonne of bags already, so I don't know)
I was also thinking of taking a trip to Tokyo mid-year and then Korea later in autumn. And yesterday, I spent alot on groceries, without actually calculating/restricting myself or my son's choices. Everything he said he wanted, I said yes, as long as it wasn't unhealthy. I didn't compare prices or consider buying cheaper versions of whatever it was that I was buying. But now, thinking back, I feel a bit bad. Our government is making dire warnings all over the media and in parliament ... about the economy shrinking, about more job cuts, etc. So, right now, I think maybe I ought to STOP BUYING?!!?? Is anyone else feeling abit guilty about the current economic climate and fearful enough to cut back on beauty products and luxuries even if things seem to be ok for your personal/family income? © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Jamilla Camel said...

Oh Aichaku, you're as bad as I am! This is how I'm economizing:

1. I have not bought a designer bag for over a year. OK, I bought a Furla bad at Heathrow T5 duty free in January, but no more Prada, Gucci, Mulberry, et al.
2. I am restricting myself to 2 pairs of designer shoes a year.
3. We're not buying anything for the house.
4. We go to the grocery store instead of having stuff delivered.
5. We sold Jamal's sports car (that's
6. I work out at home...I have a Reebok rower and a foldable Pilates Reformer, hand weights and elastic bands--only Jamal goes to the gym now.

We're just being careful in general, but I'm not going to stop spending on beauty...after all, you've only got one face!

birkinbagbeauty said...

I feel your dilemma. I should save more money, but I still love to indulge in beauty products.
I actually seem to spend more the guiltier I feel about the economic situation...a weird phychological twist of me.

miRaCLe said...

i feel guilty too! i ain't earning $$ as i'm still a student but i'm spending my allowance on beauty stuffs too! :( and i tend to cab alot T.T

but my friends told me it's good that we are spending as per normal in this bad economic, if all of us were to stop spending it will worsen the economic condition! :p furthermore not everyone is affected by this economic downturn. Some people are still earning more. So if you can afford it.. why stop?

well.. i am not helping much here.. haha. but i think you don't have to stop buying but just try to reduce! :)

Cathy said...

Sigh.. there's so much stuff I want to get, but I have to cut back. =[ I don't work on Saturdays anymore. =/

Jamilla Camel said...

I remember being a poor university student and having to work two jobs...Cathy, I know your pain!

Anonymous said...

If you have the money to buy all the items you want then buy them. It will be make the economy worse if everyone stopped spending because there will be no cash flow. So don't feel guilty if you can afford these items. If you cannot afford them, then just scale back on how much you buy, but you can still buy.

fuzkittie said...

$50... hehe, I think it's enough IF you buy only drugstore stuff... xD I know we're so spoiled! I feel bad sometimes when I read about the economic crisis, then I feel like I should spend less... hahaha. Plus, if people who have money don't keep buying, then who is going to keep the economy going?? :]

Anonymous said...

Girl, i feel you! I just watched my friend post a video up about the economy and I feel SO bad after wards for spending so much on beauty products. I don't make money, I'm a student but I feel like the beauty world is where we can all indulge in. It's like our little haven :(

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Don't feel guilty! You can afford them, so why not? It's not like u're going into debt or watever. I'm sure you're careful wif your money n not spendthrift. So.


XRocksmama said...

haha.. I feel the same way that I had to cut back my spending on beauty products. I'm definitely more selective when I shop and cut down money on clothing so I can get that new NARS baby that I really want without feeling guilty :)

Anonymous said...

Funny I spoke about this to my bestie some years back and I decided I can go without a few other things but I cannot sacrifice stuff for my face and hair. But I will think twice before getting makeup now cos I don't use it so much.

Btw, $50 is absolutely little in the beauty dept.

Anonymous said...

I've learned a few things from this recession - (1) the importance of saving (2) the importance of not spending money frivilously on overly priced makeup. After getting to the bottom of each and every makeup product I owned (which mostly came from Sephora) I was forced to find replacements that were less expensive. I don't have time to brave the crowds at walmart, so I do a lot of online deal hunting. Most of my stuff now comes from Ebay shops or specialty cosmetics stores online. I found a great site called Coono Babe. Their makeup is really inexpensive and really great quality. Of note are their lip glosses and face powders. An added bonus - they offer free shipping on all orders. Check them out!