Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Re-review: Shea Butter Vs Yuskin A

I think it's pertinent to make a short post to take a closer second look at my too-brief review of Yuskin A vs Shea Butter in yesterday's post. I think I wasn't fair to Shea Butter, and Jamilla was saying she was surprised that the Shea Butter didn't work for me. Actually, me too! I was surprised. (By the way, keep the comments coming everyone! I love them and they help me consider things I didn't think to discuss.) The reason why I used shea butter first was that it normally works on my eczema to alleviate the dryness and peeling. But this time, it didn't work, and I think there are several possibilities:
  1. I was using the pure unprocessed organic shea butter, and I think it probably doesn't contain those extra ingredients that come with cosmetic formulations that might have contributed to healing
  2. While the shea butter soothed the cracked skin, it didn't heal. Something like cortisone will clear the ezcema up quickly but a moisturiser will just alleviate?
  3. But I think the main issue is that I'm still suffering from the Face Shop paper mask trauma so, it was not really the eczema I was addressing
There must be something inside Yuskin-A that is medicinal, that helps to heal my skin the way cortisone will clear up a bad case of ezcema. The main thing is that my skin has not recovered from the Face Shop paper mask trauma, in addition to all the stress, that is causing my skin near my mouth and other sensitive areas like the thin skin around the apples of the cheek to have peeling and bumpiness in a scary fashion. I did a google search based on the suspicion that I have a contact dermatitis allergic reaction and found a picture that reflects what my skin looks like. Yes, I don't want to post my photo! Keke. So, ok, just imagine this but in a less horrific form. I think mine is a milder version, with the bumps and peeling skin: So in conclusion, I'm not saying Shea Butter is useless. It is a good moisturiser and has well-known benefits above and beyond moisturisation that have served me well and I will continue to use it for those purposes. But in the case of my skin acting up as a result of stress and contact dermatitis from the Face Shop paper mask trauma Yuskin-A provided the better solution. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

did you see Yuskin has these limited edition creams with Miffy on the tube? So cute! Haha.

Yumeko said...

stick with yuskin i think
i have been buying it with a pump, works better , easier than scooping out of a tub but i know u got a tube

Jamilla Camel said...

ooooh! Looks like contact dermatitis...I think you're right!

Looks like that's going to need some cortisone cream to clear up...poor thing!

I use Fresh Sugar Shea Butter and it's really good...I think it may have those extra ingredients you're looking for.

Good luck with the healing!

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Oh dear. Hope your skin gets well soon! Let me know if you want some of the Soothing Herbal Recovery Gel. I got me a big bottle during the Jan sale ;)

Thanks for the tip on KBS World. I'm going home to watch TV tonight! muahahahha

Laura L said...

hi dear, hope you get well soon. but,you should visit your dermatologist.
try something moisturize.

miRaCLe said...
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miRaCLe said...

hope your skin get better soon! :))
so are you planning on visiting Dr.Georgia Lee? not a bad idea! she's indeed a celeb dr. but heard she's really friendly and good! :D