Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Beautification FAQ

  1. hi! i was wondering, what whitening lotion do you use for your body? I'm using Nivea Whitening Milk and also Roserity White Rose Brightening Body Care. They are not working fast enough, so once I hit Japan next week, I'm going to stock up on bottles of body whitening lotions from Fancl and their whitening pills.
  2. hi where online to buy Legere BB Cream from and any parabens in it? Where can I buy Legere BB Cream in Singapore? I wonder if the water drop one has obvious pearls? n do you still like them both equally or which one do you like better now? thanks. =) I bought all my Legere BB Creams in Singapore at John Little Stardust, located at #03-11 Plaza Singapura. I hear there's a branch at Raffles City but I've not gone there. Legere Water Drop BB doesn't have obvious pearls, but from my experience, I find it is waterbased whereas the standard Legere BB is probably oil based. I don't have the ingredients lists anymore as I've thrown out the box. So sorry!!! Over time, I find I prefer the lighter feel and radiant glow imparted by Legere Water Drop BB. Legere Original BB Cream is now too dark for me though, the Water Drop is still ok if I apply a light layer! Strange huh?
  3. Where did you get Lioele? Got it at John Little Stardust. :D
  4. S'pore has a Shills store? Where can I find Shills in Singapore? How much is Shills in Singapore? Shills can be found at John Little Stardust. LOL. I'm a regular there. Plaza Singapura is really near my house. ;D Shills prices are really jacked up in Singapore, so try to buy it in Taipei instead. I heard it's in all the drugstores and really cheap. It is also available online via the Singapore distributor: Beauty Bistro. The prices are Singapore prices.
  5. Any idea where in Taipei Jill Stuart is found? I'm headed there next month =) There's a Jill Stuart Taiwan website: http://jillstuart-beauty.com.tw/. The store locations are listed here http://jillstuart-beauty.com.tw/#/Shop/. For those who can't read Chinese, there are 2 prominent places in Taipei where you can buy JS: SOGO and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. They are 2 big department stores in Taipei, easily found as they are located near train stations. Actually though I've been to Taipei often, I didn't personally buy Jill Stuart myself when I was there, but here's how you can get to SOGO and Mitsukoshi. Taipei SOGO is located at 45 Zhong Xiao East Road (Zhong Xiao Xi Lu), Section 4. Tel: 02-8771-3677. If you are going there by train, get off at the Zhong Xiao Fu Xing Station. Otherwise, use the cab. I find it easier to get around Taipei in taxis haha. Taipei Shin Kong Mitsukoshi is located at 12, Song Gao (Sung Kao) Road. Tel: 02-2723-6765. Personally I always confuse one Mistukoshi with the other as there are 2 big Mistukoshi stores in Taipei, so I won't give you the directions. Do ask your hotel concierge. ^_^
  6. I'd love to know if Paul and Joe is cheaper in Singapore or Japan so I know where to buy em! Based on the price of the primer, P&J is about a bit cheaper in Singapore, compared to Japan. The listed price for the Moisturising Foundation Primer on the Japan website is 3,675 yen, at the current exchange rate (Apr 2009), that is about $55.50sg. The same primer is sold at the P&J counter in Singapore for $53sg. Depending on the exchange rate and sales (eg. if you could get discounts or rebates in Singapore), it could be more then a few dollars cheaper to buy P&J in Singapore.
  7. Singapore has a Sephora? How are the prices in Singapore's Sephora? I'm personally too lazy to compare all the prices, but I read that prices in Singapore are more expensive. Generally, I think it's reasonable if it's slightly more expensive, since if I have to include shipping or a plane ticket when I buy something from overseas. However if the mark up is too much higher, like double or triple the original price, I'd really feel cheated. I think Sephora prices in Singapore are only slightly marked up. I can't be sure though.
  8. Isn't that handbag a fake Vanessa Bruno? They look the same! Either way it is really cool. I didn't know it's a look-a-like! LOL. I actually did not know Vanessa Bruno has fakes like fake LV or Gucci. But my bag is not a fake anything. It's a real Charles and Keith. It's a cheap local brand, so I guess they must have copied the look. I don't mind buying cheap things but I don't like buying fakes. :p
  9. Did you find that your The Face Shop brushes bleed when you wash them? Yes they did, but only the black ones. After a few washes, no more bleeding though. Maybe it depends on which batch of brush you bought?
  10. Do you know where I can find Skinfood shampoos online? Skinfood Singapore has a website and they ship overseas. BUT, Skinfood prices in Singapore are really jacked up. I've been told it's much cheaper in Malaysia and ofcourse, much much cheaper in Korea.
  11. Where is Lunasol found in Singapore? There is a Lunasol counter at Takashimaya. From what I know, it's the only one in Singapore.
  12. What oils do you use? I'm interested in relaxing + de-stressing oils. Got any recommendations? Here's a post on this. :D
  13. How do you use Daiso mask pills? A post on this. :D
  14. Where can I find Yuskin A in Singapore? Yuskin A can be found at Nisshio Pharmacy in B1 Ngee Ann City, below Takashimaya and near to Cold Storage. I tried looking for it at Nisshio Pharmacy in Isetan Scotts basement, but it doesn't seem to be available there.
  15. More to come ...
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-Yu- said...

I am also using the Nivea Milk lotion as well. I have not seen any result so far though. I am planning of getting Fancl supplements as well. I heard some good comments on it. :d

thank you for sharing this. Great blog!