Saturday, 28 February 2009

Review: Fancl T-zone Clear Essence & My Hair Oil Concoction

I'm always looking for ways to smoothen and clarify my skin. I still have huge pores on my nose left over from when my skin was oily in my younger days. Even though my skin is drier now, the pores are still big and during pms, becomes oilier and looks very rough. I recently found that Fancl's T-zone Clear Essence is the solution. It's not as drying as the other brands of oil control gels, is mild enough not to irritate my skin and can minimise the pores. Nothing can close up the pores except a visit to the dermatologist for some special treatments I guess, so this is as good as it gets from a product. blog 004copy My Hair Oil Concoction is composed of a imprecise mix of half Camellia and half Jojoba carrier oil with drops of Basil, Lavender, Rosemary and Grapefruit essential oil I recently purchased from Yours Essentially. I dropped a little into my palm then picked it up with my finger tips and rubbed it into my scalp, then rubbed the rest onto my hair for "conditioning" purposes. I leave it on overnight and then wash my hair in the morning. So far I've done it twice, and I find it clears up my scalp (it feels less conjested and oily) and my hair is less frizzy. Not a bad result for an "experiment". I'm tempted to try DHC's Head Oil though. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


miRaCLe said...

interesting Fancl product! :)) will check it out over Fancl counter.

I'm glad that the oil is working on your scalp! feel like trying out on my hair too..^^ they get oily so easily! so yucky especially my fringe :(( i dun like oily fringe and limp hair T.T

what does the DHC head oil do?? :D

thanks for sharing! ^^

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi Aichaku,

I've got huge pores on the tip of my nose, but my nose isn't oily.

Do you think that the Fancl stuff will work for me?

Yumeko said...

u are making me all intrigued abt the fancl pore essense

hey i'll send u a sample of my orbis one, see wat u think

Anonymous said...
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