Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Crazy Stocking Up Habits

I'm hopeless! Today I went to a doctor's appointment and am now on some medication for some time hopefully I'll get better. So, I ended slightly early and I stopped over at Takashimaya on the way home. In the end, I resisted Hello Kitty powder, but bought something else instead. Bittenbefore reminded me of it ... I'll show you another day when I feel less guilty... ;p Ugh. I need to stop "stopping over" at shopping centres! Today's focus is on Crazy Stocking Up Habits. It's this "good buy" and "good deal" thing that gets me a little crazy. I don't "collect" makeup or skincare but when something good works for me and is cheap, I do tend to want to stock up to take advantage of a good deal. When Lavera was available at $7SG per item, I bought these toners to "stock up". I paid $35SG for 5 toners. The original price of each toner was somewhere between $33-35SG, I can't recall. Good huh? 5 for the price of one? blog 007copy I certainly hauled too much, but I'm glad I did. So worth it! These are great toners, but now that I'm using Blanchir, I wanted to keep the daily routine "pure" so that I can see better effects of Blanchir's brightening/whitening. So what am I going to do with so much haul? I should give up my crazy stocking up habits? Regrets? No! Haha.No way! I formulated a plan. I bought these compressed facemask sheets from Daiso and I'm going to soak these toners in the masksheets for face mask. Daiso sells so many varieties, I haven't tried all yet but this one is cheap in the sense that there are more pallets per pack. So my toners will not be wasted! Woot! Clever huh? Haha. Take pride in what I can. :p Untitledcopy There are other things I got from Lavera too, sunscreen, body oils, moisturisers etc. This bag isn't the only one that went home with me filled with Lavera products. :p I went back several times to the shop over the week, because each time, I got a bottle of something to try and felt it was so good, I had to get more while the prices were good. 003copy But I'm too scared to show you everything. In case my friends in real life see them and come along to "scold" me for spending so much. Also, I feel guilty, especially knowing there is a friend who loves food but is starving herself of meals so that she can save money! (She says she's not starving, but she loves food so I feel kinda bad for her ... even though she says I shouldn't!) You just have to guess what I bought in total from Lavera. A story: On the last day of the sale, I was there picking up my toners and there were 2 women who were hauling so much that they paid a total of $600+SG and had many shopping bags lined up in the store! See, I'm not that bad! *snigger* By the way, I have been carrying this bag I bought recently from Charles and Keith. Very cheap, very roomy and matches alot of my clothes. It even has a zip, which is very important to me. Only thing I hate is the fake leather smell. :p Any tips for removing the smell? Otherwise, I hope it goes away after a few weeks' of use. blog 004copy © Copyright. All rights reserved.


dodo said...

wow.. I'm so excited for you, I love stocking up sale items I loved to use just like you. I think it's a very clever act to stock up necessities,no need to stop it. I wish I could find a sale of my favorite item too~ I want your bag, cheap, roomy and nice looking, I'll google it.

Laura L said...

is that pills for masks??

how to use it? I didn't see anything like this before in Malaysia

miRaCLe said...

good haul!! :D
i love good bargain stuff too! hahas.
I saw quite alot of Lavera product in Queen's magazine! i think they must be really good.. so dun feel bad stocking 'em up! :))
Let us know how it works as facemask!

oh ya! Nice bag!! i love big bag with zip! they are so important to me... haha. I lug around lot of stuffs in my bag and without a zip i feel so insecure that my stuffs might slip off from my bag. Okay. that's how i lost my wallet long ago :( so good bag you've got there! ^^

Anonymous said...

beautiful bag!!! big bags must have a zipper IMO. or else your stuff will be lost in no time. i love it!

daiso doesn't seem to have many things i can use. i have been there a coupe of times but i can't find things to buy. lol

fuzkittie said...

WOW That handbag is gorgeous!! I love it!!

LOL at "I'm too scared to show you everything", hahahaha.

beeyoutiful7 said...

first time visiting your blog!

that bag look so gorgeous!!!

looking forward to read more! <3

Yumeko said...

cute bag
i like charles and keith sometimes

those pills look like they'll be good
i have simnilar ones
i far prefer them over the sheet form, the tablet makes it easier to absorb and unfold

Anonymous said...

air/sun the bag as often as possible. put free sample of perfume bookmarks into the bag

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

That bag is lovely! How's the weight of it tho?

Don't worry abt the stocking up habit thingy... Confession: I do that many times myself! Lol.

Virginie said...

Isn't that handbag a fake Vanessa Bruno ? They look the same ! Eather way it is really cool.

Cathy said...

I have a surprise for you on my blog! =]