Sunday, 7 June 2009

Take Care of Your Skin

Woot, it pays to take care of your skin! I'm pleased to announce my skin is in good condition! *happy dance* I was at the Kanebo counter yesterday and did the machine skin analysis again. All in tip top condition. :D My skin is normalised and even the melanine is now low, whereas a few months ago, my skin was on the dry side, with slightly oily t-zone and melanine was high! Proud to say my skin firmness, skin tone, elasticity, etc. are all good too. SA pronounced my skin, "Very GOOD!" I was actually at the Kanebo counter at BHG today to take advantage of the 20% discount they were having. I wanted to get a more moisturising/hydrating cream for night use. The SA recommended that I should use Impress IC instead of Impress. Because my skin isn't too dry and doesn't show signs of aging yet, Impress would be too rich for me. I decided on the Impress IC whitening cream. Almost got the entire range because I was quite impressed with it. The texture is gorgeous - light yet hydrating and I could see immediate brightening effects on the parts where the product was tested on my skin. However I controlled myself and only got this and the Impress PT Essence (for pores). Impress PT Essence is sold out, but I purchased one at the 20% discount and the SA will call me when the stocks come in. Good service, huh? *grin* The SA also gave me samples to try. 001copy That's all the skincare/beauty spending ,I'm allowed for this month. (That's what I told myself, see if I keep to it! :p) Hehe. I'm thinking that in the next few posts, I'll show you what I have been using (like what Fuz and some other bloggers have been doing). I didn't have baaaaaad skin to begin with as I have been taking care of my skin and I think I have good enough skin for my age and condition (I have hyper-reactive/sensitive skin), but the machine says it's better now! On hindsight, I need to "strategise" where and when to get my skin care. If I can buy my skincare at 20% discount during sales, it's a big savings isn't it? Think about this: Impress IC Cream retails at S$170 without discount. It retails for 10,000 yen/S$147 (before tax) in Japan. With a 20% discount, it's a big savings of S$34. Reviews coming up soon. I've not forgotten. :D I've sold some stuff (thanks!) and added new stuff into the Make Up section. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


izumi said...

nice! love getting things on sale :D and yay for your skin being so nice! i wish i had a machine like that, makes me curious how MY skin is doing~

that's REALLY good service! probably 'cause you buy so much xD hehehe.

yes! please do a skincare post :D it'd be really interesting!

Saint said...

I would like to test my skin and find out exactly what I need to get it better haha.

That's more than I've ever paid for skin creams, but if it works it's so worth it. I've probably spent that much on stuff that doesn't work by now haha!

I'm a Kanebo fan, so I'll check it out when I get the chance!

Laura L said...

interesting, but I'm so scared to use cream, thickish oily >.<
but it might because of skin type too~

Jamilla Camel said...

Aichaku, WELL DONE for getting your skin into tip top condition!!

Congrats for getting that great stuff on sale, even better!

Look forward to the reviews!

P.S. mail me when you get your package, please!

miRaCLe said...

congrats on the good skin!! ^^
i wish my skin is good too :(
damn those acne! i'm in a very bad condition right now :/
i guess the new sunblock i was trying give me a major break out! T.T

stellarvixen said...

hurrah for you for your skin is in good condition~~
really pays off huh~
mine still battling in improving skin texture T.T

so impress range is working for ya..

Bijin Blair said...

I'm so happy for you!! Keep up the good work! And yay for discounted skincare haha

Claire said...

Congrats!!! :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

Cheers to great skin!

Unknown said...

Yay I saw your scrapbooking stuff on sale, really great sets you made! Congrats on your sale :)
Cool, I want to try the skin machine scanner! Hahaha I saw that on a Japanese TV show and it shows the sun damage and etc. That's great that you have that service in Singapore. Can't wait to hear about your full skin regimen :)

fuzkittie said...

Woohoo!! *celebrate* Good skin is the best thing ever, hahaha. :D I can't wait for your Impress review!!!

MiuMiu said...

impress sounds awesome. i hope the P&J skincare did wonders for my skin too. the last time i did the skin analysis was at fancl, and i was so embarrassed cuz my skin was so bad!!!