Sunday, 22 March 2009

Kanebo Skin Analysis and Haul (Part 1)

Last month, I was told to book an appointment on 21-22 March, because the Kanebo counter at BHG was having a special makeup and facial event. A Japanese makeup artist would be flown in specially and the Coffret Dor Spring 09 range would also be available. I didn't book an appointment but decided to go look at the new makeup yesterday. By chance, the SA told me there's a makeup and consultation spot available at 6pm, so I said ok, since it's only an hour later, and went back to the counter after hauling at Muji and having dinner. The MA was very cheerful and energetic even after working the whole day! She set a very good example for all the local SAs, who were perkier and more enthusiastic than usual. The MA did a skin analysis for me with the skin analysis machine. Why don't the local SAs use that machine at all? It makes for very objective skin check. And eeps the close ups of pores and melanin were scary! Final verdict: I have dry skin, slightly oily t-zone, lots of melanin above & below the skin, firm skin but rough due to the dryness and good elasticity. Sounds ok for my age, I think! Especially comforted to know I still have firm skin and good elasticity. LOL. She said I should address the melanin but I said I have sensitive skin and experienced allergic reactions to most whitening skincare. So, the MA recommended Blanchir range, which she said is suitable for sensitive skin, targets dryness, and addresses melanin above and below the skin. She applied the whole range on my face, as part of the consultation. I didn't get any immediate allergic reactions, which was a good sign. Plus, the son, who was with me, said he could see an immediate brightening effect! So, I bought some of the Blanchir products, because I have alot of freckles, even though I use alot of sunscreen, so I really need some products that provide whitening/brightening care. I was hoping to eventually find good products to address that issue without giving allergic reactions. So far so good, after using the Blanchir products, I have no allergic reactions and found it has a good brightening effect but the test will be best when I have no allergic reactions later. I'll let you know the final score in a few weeks' time. I went online to check and it looks like Blanchir is mostly natural ingredients. *Cross fingers* After so many words, here's a photo of my haul. Including makeup, which I'll talk about in another post. 013copy After I decided to buy, I said, "Oh no, I am spending too much?!!" And the SA said, she'll give me whatever gifts she had, then took out almost every gift available and gave them to me! Nice small bag for me to put my lunchbox! 014copy Haha. So many freebies. WOot! Including 2 Blanchir trial sets & 2 bottles of oil-based makeup remover. Good for me to try! 015copy A scarf and umbrella even! Good timing. I need another umbrella, the one I have is on the verge of spoiling. 016copy We even got to eat some special limited sakura cookies. Hahaa. 018copy I'll talk about the makeup in another post. There are few tips that the MA gave me, I thought I could share with you too in the next post. I read that Blanchir is a drugstore range in Japan. For a drugstore range it is still quite pricey, but I found the prices are comparable here (ie. not jacked up). If it works, that's the important thing. It will be still be cheaper than buying most other Japanese skincare ranges anyway. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Can't wait for your tips on the makeup!! Yayy love Coffret! LOL you even got a scarf and umbrella! Oh how I wish they had all those gifts here in the US~

Yumeko said...

u are right, that brand is found in matsu kiyo here
but it doesnt matter, long as it works ^^V

miRaCLe said...

so many free gifts!! Cool!! :D
Glad that the stuff is working on ya so far! :)) hope your skin will be brighter than before! ^^

Jamilla Camel said...

Congrats on finding a whitening range that doesn't irritate your skin!

I'm totally intolerant of retinoids of any kind, too, and have a horrible reaction to them, so I can relate to your situation!

Can't wait to see more on the makeup haul, too!

Love those freebies!

Bijin Blair said...

Loveee the freebies! Great haul, as usual hahaha

K said...

Hey, you can't get freebies at Matsukiyo (or not so much) so your haul looks GREAT!!!