Sunday, 15 March 2009

Skin Care and Make Up Hauls

It's no good for me to be alone on weekends. The son was gone all weekend for sailing and I just had to entertain myself! Rather than stay home to clean the house, I went out and hauled. Prepared myself for the weekend crowds with my various tools such as my ipod with soothing music to block out the noise. It was madness at the train stations, but luckily I didn't get any problems. There was a huge crowd at City Hall interchange. It was so hot and I was stuck for about 5 minutes waiting together with many people trying to get up the escalators to exit the train station. blog 006copy So, at Raffles City Shopping Centre I hauled Lavera stuff, at $21SG for 3 items. I paid only $42 for these things plus 1 free gift (hair spray). Their original retail total was about almost $300SG? I need to go back to get some more to stock up. Maybe tomorrow, because alot of their stuff work well for me and it occured to me that I should just stock up some extras since the price is so good. Some of the Neutral stuff are really good for when my skin is acting up, so I'm thinking maybe I should just use these exclusively to prevent my skin from going nuts every so often. However, I still need to find a good whitening/brightening skincare item, which I haven't found yet because most will irritate my skin after some continuous usage. I'll try to do some reviews on Lavera stuff later. Yes to Carrots, Organic Surge and Mukti stuff were also on sale, but the SA was very nice and told me since I have very sensitive skin, I shouldn't try Organic Surge stuff because they are not really all-natural or all-organic. I didn't get any Mukti, since the discount wasn't as much as that for Lavera. blog 005copy Oh and I got some shampoo from Skin Food to try. My friends say Skin Food is much cheaper in Malaysia, but since I don't travel there much, it's ok to get from Singapore. One shampoo for hairloss, another one for cleansing the scalp (eg. for dandruff, sebum etc. - I bought it mainly for sebum cleansing). blog 003copy Also got some Paul & Joe stuff. This makeup set from Isetan for $80SG, with a choice of colours for all of them: 1 Face Powder, 1 lip crayon, 1 lipstick, and 1 single eyeshadow. I have some regrets about the colour I chose for the lip crayon. It's too dark! And I spoilt it while closing it! Booo! Anyway, I'll do a review of it all later. Since I also bought the Skunk blush, I had enough purchases to qualify for a gift, and I chose the wallet, even though I think the evening bag is quite popular. The SA said Bambi blush is sold out but I didn't intend to get it because I don't look good in orange, so it's not too bad for me. Though now I got it in my head to try to hunt it down elsewhere ... blog 001copy Over at Kose, I received a perfume candle, a member gift for submitting my old member card in exchange for a new one. Kose is switching over to a new type of member card. The perfume candle smells really good and is a hefty size. Very generous! I didn't buy anything from Kose. I didn't make it to Kinokuniya, which was having a 20% discount member weekend. Neither did I stop by at Sephora. I was running late and had to go over to get groceries, otherwise my husband wouldn't pick me up! LOL. Good thing though, because I think I hauled enough! © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

paul & joe stuff *SALIVATESSSS* xD

Bijin Blair said...

Such good deals!

Laura L said...

cute blushhhh

I never tried skinfood hair care product and body product. waiting for your review before I buy them

♥ c u t e ♥


Jamilla Camel said...

I'm like you...I'd rather go haul when I'm all alone--I miss Jamal and my cat so I got shopping! (I suppose it's better than stuffing your face!).

Can't wait to see your P&J!

I went to Spa Nordstrom today and to Macys and Sephora, but my purchases were very petite in comparison to yours!!

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

The P&J packaging is so cute!! Makes me wanna buy ;P