Sunday, 1 March 2009

Review: Rouge Dior Actress Pink 464

I got a call on Friday from Sephora and went down today to collect the Two Faced Shadow Insurance that I reserved back in January. I'm super impressed with their service. After all this time, I thought they have forgotten all about my reservation already! Shampoo and conditioner running out, so I bought a Frederic Fekkai Protein RX set (it smells really good and my hair falls out less), and also my face powder has hit the pan, so I had to get a replacement. I was torn between getting the refill for my Mac Studio Fix vs the Chanel Blanc Essentiel Light Reflecting Whitening Powder Foundation. I tested it, and love it, but Chanel with the compact cover is twice the price of a Mac refill, so I stuck with just getting the Mac refill. Well, the Chanel SA tested the colour on me and I know the number, so maybe later, or if I can find it cheaper online, I'll get it. It's very fine and luminous. Very tempting. But prudence reigns. *Yeah!* Anyway, I started using this Dior lipstick that I recently bought. makeup 006copy This is how the colour looks on my lips. It's very close to my original lip colour, probably a shade or slightly more darker than my lips, so it looks very natural. Like my lips, but with a deeper colour. When I swatched it at the counter, it didn't look so matte. It's my first Dior lipstick so I didn't know Dior lipsticks behave this way. It doesn't feel dry on my lips but it looks so very dry. I didn't like how old and puckered it made my lips look. So I applied a gloss on top of it, and felt it was better. lips The gloss I used was from Maquillage. I think it's an old range? I tried to read the katakana in the label and I think it says Glossy Gloss, I think. *snigger at myself* I might be reading it wrong. I'm not sure what line this is from, it was a gift with purchase when I bought Shiseido stuff. It's no. 74. It has nice tiny shimmery bits that help to plump up the look of the lips. blog 007copy © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Jamilla Camel said...

Hi Aichaku,

I agree with you about the Rouge Dior being very drying. I like the Dior Addict sheet lipsticks so much better, because I've got dry lips and these don't require any gloss!

Anonymous said...

aw... that's very odd as i have dry lips and i like rouge dior. :( my lips can even bleed very often but rouge dior are great for me.

this is a beautiful shade though

Yumeko said...

i dont use lippies but its too bad it doesnt work for u

fuzkittie said...

Chanel lipsticks are the most drying. I always apply lip balm before lipstick though, maybe that will help you! And I find Maquillage's lip essence provides a nice moist base for lip colors, if you like that kind of look! :D I agree with Jamilla, the Addict High Shine range is way moisturizing! :]