Sunday, 29 March 2009

Simple Lunasol Anniversary Set EOTD

Yesterday, I was watching TV and movies, like K-drama Boys Before Flowers and Underworld, Rise of the Lycans. The latest Underworld is rather nice, although seems to lack something without the iconic Kate Beckinsale. So I started rewatching the first 2 Underworld shows. Some more questions to answer: Skin Food Singapore's website ships overseas, so those who would like to order can do so from there. I didn't want to write this but someone asked, the Oriental Shampoo cost $43SG (*shock*). It is more expensive than Fekkai! I haven't made any comparisons with prices in Korea, I hope it is not overly jacked up here in Singapore, or I'll be very upset with Skin Food! As per your requests, I tried to do an EOTD with the palette from Lunasol's Anniversary set. Colours didn't show up very much on the camera but you can see them, they are very natural. blog 014copy It's a very simple EOTD. The colours used numbered below. 2 & 3 are very close in shade and colour. (Oops if you look into my iris, you can see my camera and lampshade! haha!) blog 008copy2 Applied 1 all over the lid up to the brow, then 2 from lash line to brow bone, and 3 in the outer corner of the socket, below the brow bone. 4 was used over the liner. 2 was used to line below the eye. I also used the brown liner and the mascara from the set. I feel this is a very natural and easy to use set, which I could put in my luggage for travelling. I'm glad I got it. Not sure why browns and peaches from Japanese makeup suit me better than those from eg. Bobbi Brown. blog 007copy Here's how the peachy gloss from the set (at the bottom) looks like. I don't like the sponge applicator. The striped gloss on top is not from the Anniversary set, it is a gloss from the Spring 09 collection. I really ought to get a neutral lip liner. blog 018copy Beauty Anonymous posted about OPI Soft Shades 2009 Fairy Tale Bride Collection which are all very nice pinks and even though I'm no bride, I want them! Why didn't I pay attention when people were buying OPI in sprees? Now I'm not sure where to get them. I'm off to continue watching Underworld, Evolution, will be online later tonight. See you! © Copyright. All rights reserved.


K said...

I like the lippies! It is a very nice color on you!

Yumeko said...

sweetie that is overly jacked up
it doesnt cost anywhere close in korea

✿Ji✿ said...

love the lipgloss, it looks beautiful on your lips!<3

Laura L said...

it is so pretty. i think the skinfood price is a bit expensive over there. will u come to M'sia?
Well, I plan to go S'pore since my relatives is there, we can meet up one day <3
Skinfood in M'sia is cheaper but Korea is more,more cheaper

MiuMiu said...

i'm surprised at the mark ups for skinfood in singapore...something like an e/s palette cost $34..SGD when it's only like 8000won o_O too bad the korean site doesn't do international shipping =/

miRaCLe said...

thanks for posting the price of the shampoo!! :D it's really expensive >.< i'll think about getting it anot :((

i once joined a spree for OPI.. they bought it from
you may try this web! :))