Saturday, 21 March 2009

Of Random Purchases and Natural Bristle Brushes

017copy Happened to see a sale at John Little Stardust while walking about to destress after work. The SA said these Fasio stuff are new, just came in recently, in March. I liked the blushes and the new mascara so I bought them at 20+10% discount. And the nail polish at 20% off. Then I got a voucher too. The Fasio stuff are: Gradation Mix Face Colour PK820 blush, SP120 highlighter and Hyper-stay Mascara Deep Trick (Curl Long) in black. I looked online and saw that they are the Spring 09 collection. Had the mood to just try painting my very short fingernails so I bought light coloured nail polish by a Japanese brand called Eternal - one beige (ENL-401) and another a lilac (G-ENS-1101) that says limited edition on the cover. Wow, I just realised my threshold for prices has changed ... these nail polish are quite expensive and yet I bought them! Previously I might not. The after-discount price is closer to the Yen+tax price of 893yen, so it's more worthwhile to buy it when there's a discount. 019copy In the past, these were the only 2 brushes I had, bought from The Body Shop, they are synthetic bristle. They were no good for applying powder eyeshadow or blush, but useful for applying liquid eyeshadow or blending cream blush. 018copy Recently I started buying some cheap natural bristle brushes from The Face Shop. Thought I'd try them out before splurging on something expensive like Shu Uemura or Bobbi Brown. The natural bristle brushes and the different shapes make a huge difference in ease and precision of eyeshadow and blush application. The brushes pick up more colour and spread them easily. Much better than using the synthetic bristle or the sponge applicators. It changed my mind about brushes, and now I want to get the Bobbi Brown brush set that comes with its own case. I don't have experience using the more expensive brushes, except when I tried Bobbi Brown's at the free makeup lessons I had. So I have no others for comparison. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Jamilla Camel said...

I love the Fasio stuff... can't wait till the FOTD!

I really like MAC and Bobbi Brown brushes--my faves.

Let us know how you do with them!

Yumeko said...

u should try shu uemura brushes
they are my fave! i think far better than mac
but my sister says bobbi brown is better

Anastacia said...

Great The Face Shop brushes collection!!

MiuMiu said...

do you think the face shop brushes are scratchy? i've been wanting to get a new blush brush and i don't want to splurge on anything expensive yet XD

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

thanks for commenting :D

I like Eternal nail stickers!! you have nice brush collection :) My best face brush is from everyday minerals and mac! i recommend everyday minerals kabuki and mac duo fiber brush for blushes. the blending is effortless. I got mine with a set though. Any duo fiber brushes are good for blending like blushes i think!

Bijin Blair said...

Thanks for commenting, my dear!

I just posted about Malaysia NOT having new Fasio items, and you already scored a deal on them haha.

I was wondering about the quality of the brushes from TFS; your post came out just in time haha.

I'm thinking of getting brushes from Sigma though. Enkore from YT mentioned that they are MAC dupes. Maybe you can give this brand a try =)

dodo said...

I still have no idea how to use the highligher on my face~~

fuzkittie said...

Too many brushes to wash!! xD :P

Tine said...

Did you find that your The Face Shop brushes bleed when you wash them? My angled blush brush did, and everytime I washed it too. In the end, I just stopped using it.