Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tokyo Here I Come!!

I want to thank everyone who gave me tips on travelling to Europe. I'm saving them for end of the year, because I'm on my way to Tokyo next month. I've got my tickets reserved and possibly I'm heading to Seoul too. Even though I've been to Tokyo several times already, I welcome tips and etc. for food and shopping/makeup hauling especially for Seoul. I am angry with Skin Food Singapore for jacking up their prices here and I want to take revenge by buying dozens of their shampoos in Seoul. *maniacal laugh* Ok, I really have to stop hauling in Singapore for now. Except, I'm thinking I should go get the Lunasol Anniversary base makeup set. I think it works out cheaper in Singapore if I'm not wrong, because the prices here were not jacked up to match the rising yen. I resisted joining a guided tour group for Seoul, because I really hated the idea of being with a huge group of people everyday. I have been travelling free and easy for all my trips. I have only gone for 2 guided group tours and I've hated them both. Wonder if I should just spend some money and get me-self me most wanted lens the Canon 10-22mm!! OMG. I shouldn't. I know. Wish me luck! I'm so freaking nervous about travelling!! © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

!!! Have fun!! How exciting~

Laura L said...

cool.... u can buy a lot of skinfood goodies, banila co, innisfree items in Korea. and the skinfood in Korea is always up to date and u will able to get the newest, hit-est, freshes goodies over there. good luck and have fun.

MiuMiu said...

sounds like fun!
I definitely recommend you to go to myeong dong station (one of the blue lines). it doesn't matter which exit you go out through, you'll see a lot of people going towards the main shopping district that you can't miss. also, a station near myeong dong, it's called euljiro 1 ga (green line) and that also leads to the main myeong dong shopping area. you should see some large department stores at the euljiro exits, it should be the lotte department stores.
another great shopping place is at ehwa women's university station, which is also on the green line, right next to the big university is a lovely street that doesn't have too many cars.
i think you'll go crazy in the skinfood stores, it's so cheap XD

Anonymous said...

girl you are on a roll! have fun! and load pictures back for us to see~

Anonymous said...

Have a fun and safe trip!!!

Mac It Pink said...

ohh so jealous! TOKYO!! Have FUN!


pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Buy, buy, buy! Lol. Have fun n enjoy yourselves! *hugs*

beeyoutiful7 said...

You must be soo excited!
Have fun!
Tokyo is really expensive..
You should do some research where u can get goodies cheaper =)

i would tell u but ive been to Japan once and i shopped all my stuff in Tokyo cause i didnt know other places. LOL


Cris said...

Good luck ^_^!!!
And enjoy ;D.

Yumeko said...

wink wink

Bijin Blair said...

Yay! Have fun! Lunasol is more exp in Japan, you should do your hauls in Singapore haha

miRaCLe said...

so cool!!!
i love free and easy too! guided tour is just super boring! =,=
can't stand it at all.. :p

happy hauling over the trip!! >.<
and get ready for the revenge at skinfood!!*envyyy* :D

i'll be waiting for your trip's picturesss

have fun!!!


✿Ji✿ said...

How exciting!<3
Hope you have a lot of fun!^^
If you go seoul than you definetly have to visit myeong dong, it´s basically THE shopping district for everything!:)

Jamilla Camel said...

Well, hope to see you in London next year anyway!!

You can still do a lot of damage to your credit card in Tokyo!!

Enjoy and be sure to post from the Big T!!

Tine said...

Head to a chain of drugstores in Japan, called Matsumoto Kiyoshi. I love that place. All sorts of makeup :P