Monday, 9 March 2009

Where I Ask for Travel Recommendations & Complain About Singapore Shopping Centres

I am thinking of taking a trip, go away for a long long time ... like for 1-2 months (maybe 3 months) and alone. I think it's time for some me time and some thinking time. My first thought was Japan and Korea, you know, all that great shopping? Then later, it occured to me that Europe would be good, with 3 months to spare! Any tips from anyone for either places? I'd love to have comfortable but budget-like accomodations. I haven't gone to Europe before. I'd always wanted to go with my husband but he's never going to have 3 months to spare. I know Bed and Breakfast places would be good, so I'd appreciate European bloggers letting me know your personal recommendations. I'm such a typical woman! I always prefer personal recommendations any day, over random picks from books or ads. Yesterday I headed out to Plaza Singapura a shopping centre just minutes away from my house. It was a mistake! I was back home within the hour. On a normal weekday or early in the day on weekends, this shopping centre is usually quiet and a nice spot to just loiter around looking at stuff. However, yesterday was madness. The shopping centre was cramped with people. It was not only hot and stuffy, but it stank! It was such a hot day, so no doubt there were many sweaty people who came in from outside and it made the shopping centre really awfully smelly especially since the aircon didn't seem to be working well. Plus, I also don't get Singaporeans or people who have decided to settle in Singapore. We don't have much sense of personal space, for a country that's so cramped and small. Most of us don't behave like city folk at all. People have no qualms shoving into you, backing into you (why are they walking backwards in the first place?) or walking into right your path on collision course while staring right at you. People are also just meandering as they walk, loitering about at the pathways or stopping in the middle of nowhere to chat or kiss their boyfriends or babies! They are also always pushing! You'd be standing somewhere looking at something and without a single word of "Excuse me" someone will shove themselves in front of you to get at that something you were looking at. Or they'd push past you from behind and get tangled up in your bag (no matter whether it is miniscule or large). That plus the noise! On weekdays, the shopping centres are usually just right ... but on weekends, I don't know why the shops prefer to start blasting loud music on top of the super noisy people who like to talk loudly! It was maddening and after a while, I got very confused and irritated. I didn't manage to buy a single thing at all. I ran home to the safety of my cool aircon house and thanked the Gods that I could watch Torchwood quietly and comfortably. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Haha awwww, but I LOVED Singapore when I was there! LOL

Eka said...

Europe would really be your best bet. Of course, include Rome and Paris in your list. I loved Paris and Rome while I was there. I stayed for only a few weeks in Europe but it was one of the best weeks of my life. Paris is such a beatiful city, almost unbelievably beautiful. While Rome transports you to places where you've only once read in books. But, I'm looking forward to also going to Singapore. I hear that shopping is great there. If only they had Eggettes in Singapore, I'd go there more often than HK. hehe

Yumeko said...

i have to agree about singapore
i try to time all my visits to be weekdays only as i cant stand weekends there hahahahah

how my sister does it , is beyond me

Anonymous said...

Melbourne? *hint hint* :)

miemiemie said...

never been to singapore...yet, anyway but i hate rude people..who hit you when you're walking or when you're just standing and they still manage to shove themselves at you. its annoying and very usual here in the philippines too :) haha i hate it.

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi Aichaku, if you want to visit Europe, I am your guide. I can also make recommendations on reasonable places to stay, and about shopping of course! My top picks:

1. London--we have 3 P&J boutiques, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, etc. etc. Great duty free shopping at Heathrow!

2. Paris--Fantastic for fashion, beauty and home decor.

3. Milan--the home of my fave Prada and other fantastic Italian brands

If you go to Italy, it is fantastic for culture and eating also.

Nikita2471 said...

Hotel-wise for Europe, I suggest the IBIS hotels.

They are all over Europe and aren't that pricey. I stayed in one when I went to Paris a few years back. The rooms were clean and most of the staff spoke english.