Sunday, 3 May 2009

Seoul Pow Wow & Other Random Stuff

You know sometimes, people make rude comments and you wonder why they say such hurtful things? Especially when you take care not to hurt their feelings or say anything rude to them, even though they live a lifestyle or pursue an activity that is different from yours? I came to the conclusion that these people are so rude, because I'm really NOTHING to them actually! They really don't think they need to care, spare a thought for my feelings or take time to understand me at all. And so, you know what? If I'm nothing to them, they are also nothing to me. I've learnt recently that besides letting these remarks go, sometimes, I should just also give it back as good as I get them. Recently, I received some rude comments from some people about my hobbies, just like those random remarks from people who say I am "aunty". I know now after much self-examination and assurances from friends, that I am not what they say I am. And even if they are right, these people and remarks do not deserve my attention or concern and I don't have to care! I'm just glad that despite these people I still have good friends who do care and make an effort to understand my point of view, and that is what is most important. And I will only listen to these friends when they say something out of concern for me. Well, moving on to nicer topics. On one of the days when I was in Seoul, I met up with sweet MiuMiu and beautiful Beauty Addict. It was a lovely day out, even though it was raining, because it was really nice chatting with them. They brought me to the Makeup Forever counter in Lotte department store. Even though the store is right opposite my hotel, I didn't find the counter! LOL. Thanks to them, I got to try the Makeup Forever eyeliner, which I used that night and then went back to buy more the next day. It's now my go-to eyeliner for tight-lining. Very smooth, very rich, intense and doesn't smudge on me at all. This is my loot! blog 002copy One thing: No wonder the SA kept asking me if I needed a sharpener. My sharpeners don't work well with the pencils at all! Miumiu and Beauty Addict also showed me where Kosney was. I walked past it several times but didn't realise it was there, because I saw the big Zara sign and thought it was only Zara there. I bought a bunch of stuff from Kosney like journals and stickers. I love Alice stuff so much it's not funny. I had been eyeing those journals on Gmarket and I'm glad I got them finally! And stickers which I'm going to use for journaling and scrapbooking. I don't know and don't care if they are not acid-free, haha they are lovely and cheap! blog 016copy MiuMiu also brought us some gifts. Thank you so much!! I can't wait to try those masks out! holiday 019copy In my hurry to leave the hotel, I forgot to bring my gifts for them! So sorry! These were the food we ate that day. Yummsss. I tried looking for that mandoo-noodle shop again, but I couldn't find it. I wanted to eat those cold noodles and wanted to try some mandoo too. Maybe next time when I return to Seoul for another visit. Beware of their kimchee though, they are lovely but very very spicy! Which means something because I can eat very spicy things. holiday 017copy holiday 018copy Some random hotel talk. I love the views from my hotels during my trip. This is the view from my second stay in Tokyo at Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku. It started to get sunnier and warmer in the last few days of my trip in Tokyo. holiday 089copy I was given the top floor on both of my stays in Tokyo, and the rooms were very clean, well-lit and rather spacious for Japanese business hotel rooms. The non-smoking rooms really had no smoke smells at all and the hotel is directly opposite Takashimaya Square, so I highly recommend it to anyone. It's very close to Shinjuku station, several other subway lines and there's a combini nearby too, to pick up your bottled water and other combini stuff you might need. The hotel also provides coffee at the business centre, free printing, free internet both in the room and at the business centre. :D That are all real plus points for me. In Seoul, I stayed at Hotel Ibis Myeong Dong. It's directly opposite Lotte department stores. Also, I just walk out and turn left, it's Myeong Dong already! Right outside the hotel are the subway lines 1 & 2. So it's a really convenient hotel. It has free internet in the rooms and free internet at the business centre but I was kind of pissed I had to pay for paper to print my boarding pass after doing internet check-in for my plane tickets. I'd go back there to stay next time too, though it is not as nice as my hotel in Tokyo. There's a public hotbath in the hotel, but I didn't dare use it! LOL. I know some of you are curious about the stuff I bought during my holiday. I'm slowly taking them out to use them, little by little so rest assured I'll randomly post about some of those items in the next few posts. ^__^ © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Laura L said...

whee, wow, I love the stickers. They are really good in quality and really cute, pretty too <3

Love it soo much !

wink, u will love those vov masks, I'm sure ! haha =P

miRaCLe said...

Ya!! ignore those negative comment about us! hahas. I often get teased as aunty too when I watch drama series~ =.= I'm only 20+! LOL. but who care~ we do what we wanna do! ^^ Glad that you are over those negative stuffs~~ hehes :D

Those scrapbooking stuffs are so lovely!! i love the ribbon stickers~~ ahahhas.. :D

ahh!! I bought my MUFE eyeliner in Singapore... it cost SGD32! is Korea any cheaper? :(
and the SA told me not to get the sharpener =.= as it's abit pricier than getting the normal one..
I got a 'manicare' sharpener from Watson.. those with two holes... I use the smaller one to sharpened the liner... hmm... what do you mean by your sharpener don't work well with the liner? I think mine is okay... :)

thanks for sharing about your stay in different hotels! they sound so cool and convenience!! ^^
and i love that pic you took in tokyo hotel! lovely sky!!

Jamilla Camel said...

Congrats on you MUFE eyeliners...I've been looking for the same collection everywhere, and they are always out of stock!

Cute stickers! I have DSK's HK stickers and a Kliban Hawaiian Hula Cat on my laptop, and the security lady at San Jose airport wanted to look closely at them, because she collects sticker!

Lovely masks, and be sure to ignore those "schadenfreunde", or "bad weather friends" (in German)!

BTW, my Chanel sharpener is the best ever!

fuzkittie said...

Rude people deserve no attention whatsoever!! You're right! :]

Aha, nice!! I'm glad you like the MUFE liners!!!

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Can I speak Singlish for a min? "Aiyah, ignore them. You hang out wif nicer pp anyways" *kekeke*

Thanks for the recommendations on the hotels! I may have to clear some leave beginning Aug, so I'm thinking of going either Seoul or Tokyo depending on air tickets ;P How did you navigate around Seoul without speaking much Korean?

Yumeko said...

u are right! its a good idea to ignore those ppl
we care too much wat ppl think sometimes

i have met u several times now and u are a nice person i think
so yes its THEM not u

Anonymous said...

First I'm sorry to hear of the rude/unnecessary comments you have gotten, but what I'm glad to hear is that you are a better/stonger person than to let it bother you^^

There is a girl at the hospital where I work that has always been super rude to me for no reason. But I just think that her life must be very miserable to be rude to people like that.

Sounds like you had a great time on your trip!

MUFE eyeliners are nice!

beeyoutiful7 said...

So sorry that some people have left rude comments and hurt your feelings.

But hey,
dont let them get to you. Yup, they're not worth of ur time.

On the other hand,
MUFE eyeliners work super well =) I personally own 2 myself and im in love with it =)

the food look good...hehe


MiuMiu said...

i still can't believe why some people have so much time on their hands! but i'm glad you don't take it personally.
i wanted to go back to the mandoo place again too!! but i dunno if i'll be able to drag my bf there cuz he's not a big fan of noodles haha
i'm happy that the MUFE eyeliners worked for you. ithink i'm just gonna stick with P&J ones from now on