Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Fasio Hyper-stay Mascara Deep Trick (Curl Long)

I'm reviewing Fasio's Hyper-stay Mascara Deep Trick (Curl Long) in black. It's the tube on the left of the picture. 017copy This is what it produces. Rather long lashes but there are some things I dislike about it. (I'm lazy to take another photo, so I apologise for my rather weird looking eyeball HAHAHA.) I didn't apply any mascara on the bottom lashes yet. 003copy Like
  • Long lashes
  • Comb applicator makes it easy to apply to the bottom lashes
  • Very hard to apply without clumping
  • Lashes stick together after application and feel stiff
  • If I'm not careful, I look like I have little spiders on my eyes
  • It's too black for me
  • Comb applicator picks up too much mascara and doesn't distribute it along the lashes
The lashes above were produced by applying the leftover mascara after I wiped the wand. Yet it still applied so thickly, I still had to use a cotton bud to remove some clumping. I'm not likely to buy it again. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


miRaCLe said...

wow! it looks really thick.
but the lengthening effect is so cool! ^^ or your lashes are long in the first place :D

Yumeko said...

yes i find fasio quite clumpy when i first bought them yes ago so i stopped buying them

Eka said...

I was really interested in Fasio mascaras but I guess your review makes me think twice about buying the same tube from Fasio. What type of lashes do you have?

Paris B said...

I'd always wanted to try Fasio but the less than excellent reviews put me off. Lovely long looking lashes anyway :)

Laura L said...

hmm, I'm more interested with the other items in your 1st picture. swatch the face color palettes please and also, is that nail polish??

thank you

-Yu- said...

the packaging looks so lovely. I noticed that it can be easy to get spider legs effect on it. Possibly, it is what its meant for?

jac said...

I find fasio kind of hard to remove... & my eye lashes fall out :(