Friday, 17 April 2009

Random Shopping & Makeup Talk

Just for discussion sake, I want to show you my eyes without makeup and without eyecream. blog 002copy blog 003copy And here is yesterday's EOTD, with makeup, using Lunasol's eye palette from the 08 Christmas Coffret & mixed in some of Jill Stuart eye palette. blog 002copy blog 001copy See, I DO put on makeup. I don't understand why people keep telling me to put on makeup! I don't understand what they are asking me to do, wear clown colours?????!!!!??? I do put on makeup, I DO! If I line all around my eyes with black eyeliner like the SAs like to advise me to do, it actually looks too harsh and absolutely fake on me. Thinking back, I think that's what the Japanese Kanebo MA was trying to tell me. Really fed-up. I'm starting to think people say these things to me, only because they don't know what else to say!! By the way, I think my dark eye circles have improved! I've been using Biotherm HYDRA-DETOX BIO-DEFENSIS Yeux and Beaute de Kose ULTIMATION Eye Cream since Dec 08. I bought and will be switching to Shiseido's Bioperformance Eye Contour for a while to try out though. Check out the difference, this was my just-cleaned eye without any eye cream in Dec 08. Photo dated: 24 Dec 08. Did you know you could pre-order stuff online from Changi Airport's Duty Free, then collect the stuff before your flight? Or even keep the stuff at the store, then collect them on your return flight? Personally, I only learnt this yesterday while surfing the net. I found that I could either order stuff from the Changi Airport Malls site or directly from Nuance Watson's site. I'm keen on some products but not sure if I should buy them since I intend to haul stuff on my trip. I do know the husband is travelling in May! I can preorder stuff and get him to pick them up for me. *gleeful* Lastly, I want to show you my new powder. Remember the Paul & Joe SA recommended the wrong colour? I went to P&H counter yesterday and 02 is still not available so I changed it for Pressed Powder N in 04. I've been wanting it since I saw it in Fuz's blog. blog 001copy Isn't it pretty? I tried to adjust the colour to show you the light mauve tinge it has. I haven't used it yet but I think if it suits Fuz, it'll be ok for me, cos I think we have similar colouring, since she uses Legere BB Cream without much problems. Though the P&J SA is quite lousy with her colour-matching, I'd recommend Singaporeans go head for the Isetan Scotts P&J counter if you want an easy-going SA. Look for the SA who works in the afternoon shift, has wavy hair (like it was done with curling irons) and speaks English with a heavy Chinese accent (very heavy, I often can't understand her unless I speak Chinese with her). I shouldn't tell you her name online but email me if you want to know. Otherwise, I actually prefer the Takashimaya Paul & Joe SAs. They are more knowledgeable and better at colour matching. I MUST submit my Takashimaya card application soon! Today, I'm inspired by Fuz and will go search for some hairstyling irons ... © Copyright. All rights reserved.


izumi said...

oh your eye makeup is very light and pretty. nevermind what other people say!

what a pretty pressed powder :D i love reading fuz's blogs because they're always filled with pretty things.

cavano said...

Just ignore those people, I personally thinks your eye mu looks great already! I also felt too stern/made up lining my lower lashline, so I usually left them bare or line with lighter liners.
Btw perhaps for outside office, you might "heighten" your lid or crease color even further. Since you kept the medium shade just slightly above the crease it might not showed up, thus you should wear more mu comment lol.

fuzkittie said...

Who the heck are these people who keep saying you need to put on makeup?! Sooo weird.. do they wear clown makeup themselves?? xD Your eye makeup looks completely fine, absolutely just right!

Hehe hope you find what you're looking for today! I think you dark circles really have improved!

Bijin Blair said...

Your eye makeup looks good! Don't worry about what the SAs think!

Laura L said...

lo.. i think your EOTD is just fine. pretty <3. I wonder those people put on makeup or not. yay... pretty P&J. hmm, i need to go s'pore one day and perhaps we can meet up when I'm there. not so fast, maybe next year i think. If i'm in s'pore I will let u know. hehe <3

dark circles improve, i think that Kose thing is working on your eye.

Jamilla Camel said...

Your undereye area has really improved using the new eye cream!! Your eye area looks nice without makeup.

Like Cavano said, I usually use a lighter eye shadow as a liner and only line about 3/4 of my eye. I also apply less mascara to the bottom lashes.

I think your eye makeup application is just fine--very natural and OL appropriate.

You can also order ahead at Heathrow Duty Free and pick it up at the airport too. Enablers!!

Anonymous said...

Yups! Nice makeup!

Actually most of Jap eye make up colours are pretty sheer.

Once in a while you might like to use an eye primer to make the colours pop. So, you'll not be wearing clown makeup but the colours will be more vivid. :)

Yumeko said...

the hairstylers i have are quite good
maybe u can buy it in japan

miRaCLe said...

i think your eyemake up is great! ignore those useless comment on ya ^^

the only P&J counter that I've been to is the Isetan scotts one! hahas. The SA that always being so helpful to me was S****y! (I love her eye alot.. hahas. like doll!) I'm guessing you are talking about her! hahs. :D
anyway!!! I received email from P&J that BHG Paul & Joe is having 20% off tomorrow! :D

MiuMiu said...

nevermind what other says, do what makes you comfortable =). sometimes i wonder why some people are even SAs at makeup counters, like their ideas are so strange sometimes...most likely because they wanna make a sale lol. i think lining the bottom is weird too, that's why i never do it. if you wanted, i recommend you try the MM automatic liner in BK911. it's black but it's slightly shimmery so it doesn't look too harsh on your eyes.

Anonymous said...

To each his own, I agree with several here, use the makeup you feel comfortable with. For years I was keeping up appearance with ultra expensive makeup until I found coonobabe makeup. Less expensive but still the same quality. What's better for me was that they delivered right to my door for free. Feel comfortable with your brand, but don't pay more for nothing. Paying extra cash is never a good thing. that is all....sara