Monday, 13 April 2009

Should I Buy More Dior?

I am at home and feeling lost. Not having to go into the office makes me feel like I don't know what to do with myself, even though I have alot of personal errands to do. It's funny how work takes over one's life, even if I don't really love what I do. I hope one day I can write for a living. :D Even though I am supposed to be preparing to go out, I watch tv and an Arirang documentary talks about Hallyu (Korean Wave) in Japan. Many Japanese ladies are learning the Korean language. One lady said Korean men in K-drama have a quality she couldn't find in Japanese men. LOL! Even the Japanese men started watching K-drama and began to study Korean history as a result of their interest in historical K-drama. Anyway, the purpose of this blog post is to ask you to help me decide: As a result of me having my birthday this month I received some offers. Among them is an offer to receive a full-size Dior lipstick with $100sg spending at Dior. Should I go buy some more Dior glosses and check out the Dior mascara or even the Dior powder? Should I? Haha. ^_^; Well, you probably already know I'm not a young twenty-something and I recently celebrated my thirty-something birthday. (Note the SINGLE candle, haha!) pressies Suffice to say, some days I feel like my hair, face and body are falling apart. Haha. I'm actually late coming into make up. I've never put on much because of my very sensitive skin but lately, BB creams and good primers are making it easier for me to make my foray into makeup. I've always been obsessive about skincare though. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


izumi said...

i hope you had an awesome birthday!

dior lippies look so awesome~ though i can't make a recommendation, don't have any :\

bb's are awesome! which brand do you use?

Yumeko said...

what are ur other offers though

we should go for birthday dinner!

cavano said...

Happy B'day! The cake looks yummy, what's the name?
As for the Dior, if you can afford it why not ;)?

beeyoutiful7 said...

Skincare can be the nicest gift ever!!! Think how much it will do to your skin and make u glow more <333

Happy Birthday !!!

Laura L said...

happy birthday <3

your chocolates looks yummy xD

Anonymous said...

i likethe way you said it. THIRTY-SOMETHING. It can strech so far!

happy belated birthday and that was a gorgeous cake!

eki said...

happy happy b_day that cake looks so good! hope you had a agood one! :)

Shelly said...

Hi there! You maintain a really interesting beauty blog.
Happy birthday, by the way.
And if you can, why not get some Dior perfume, and you can easily reach the S$100 for the lippie. Makeup and perfume, all in one day, what can be better than that? :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Happy Birthday!! YES to Dior! I recommend the following Dior Addict High Shine lippies:

Bronze Bombshell 420
Couture Pink 260
Champagne Blush 352
Spotlight Coral 530

For Glosses:

Trenchcoat Beige 137
Jersey Pink 157
Clutch Pink 517


Bijin Blair said...

Oooh $100 sounds good! What are you other offers? Happy birthday, m'dear!

miRaCLe said...

happy belated birthday!! :))

i think you should pamper yourself for some dior goodness if you really like to try them out!
have fun! ^^

Cerise said...

Yes you should buy Dior. I recently bought a Dior Addict High Shine in 566 Collection Pink. It's so pretty!! The most gorgeous coral-pink lipstick I've ever seen. I think you should try it, cos I love it and I hope you will too.

-Yu- said...

i wish you an amazing birthday!

Cake looks so delicious.

Tine said...

I heard the Dior e/s quints are fabulous ;)