Friday, 10 April 2009

Partial FAQ, Whitening Lotion & Sweet Scans

Hello, I'm back! I woke late today! Happy holiday and Happy Easter! It's the start of my long break! I'm taking time off from work, staying home to cook, work on my projects, go for massages and treatments etc. Then heading off to Tokyo and Seoul the week after! I really need to find a small desk this week, to squeeze into my small apartment. Working from my bed sucks. First thing after eating some late breakfast today, I worked hard (dedicated blogger! haha!) to quickly put together the FAQ page. I added a link to it at the side bar, so you can find it easily. There were some questions which needed answering fast, so I hurried to put them up, so you can find the answers there. It's not complete yet though, because I couldn't find some questions that were asked in my older posts. I'll continue to work on it, so if you have other questions, or your questions weren't answered, feel free to ask me in my more recent posts, so I can find them. I also added a CBOX so feel free to ask me questions there, but I'm really disorganised in some ways, so bear with me. :D Enough with the words. I was very taken by many things I saw in the April issue of Sweet magazine. I've never been able to dress cute/sweet but I really like cute/sweet stuff. Can someone help me? I can't read Japanese! *whine* Are the Uniqlo stuff limited editions or something, available only in Japan? I want to get them, but if they're available in the Singapore store, I guess I can get them here instead. And is the Samantha Vega bag that looks like a Chanel clone, is it available for sale? 027copy 025copy I really want these accessories or if I can get look-alikes it'll be fine too. Aren't they sweet? 028copy 026copy Lately, I'm abit obsessed about getting my whole body to the same skintone, and slathering on lots of body whitening lotion but they are not working! Any good ones to recommend? I'm thinking of hauling Fancl's body whitening lotion. My cousin said, "Just get a tan!" Girl! What a thing to say to someone who hates the sun! Lol. Here's one lotion that I'm using, Roserity White Rose. It contains Tocopherol which is stupposed to help with whitening/brightening? It's not working fast enough. 029copy © Copyright. All rights reserved.


beeyoutiful7 said...


Enjoy the good friday and the weeekend!!

I wish I could read japanese to translate for you..

But that shirt is super kawaii !!


kuri said...

That Uniqlo stuff is from their designers series - so the stores in Shinjuku and Ginza should carry it. I don't know if they carry it in Singapore.
But the Steven Alan stuff in the picture is from early March; I don't know if you can still find that in the stores...

K said...

yeah, it just says that they are available in some stores only. Do you know your size for Uniqlo?

From the website that kuri put up, I guess the line is sold at a store near my house. If you can specify what exactly you want, do you want me to ship it to you?

Tsuze said...

Hi Aichaku,

Saw that you really wanna to buy those pretty stuffs in Japanese Magazines, I do too sometimes ;)

Do you read Chinese well?
Would like to recommend you this Taiwanese website that helps people like us who do not read Japanese but can help answer our queries about what's the brand and size avail and help you make purchases of that exact item by referring to which issues of magazines and the pages item was shown on.

I've not tried to order from them before but have seen them help many people purchase theirs thru their blogs. Help this will help you for future issues of magazines (since you will be going Japan soon). But if you could get some frens in Japan to help you buy them then all the better~
Enjoy your holiday! ^_^

Yumeko said...

alas japan only
want me to help u get it???

✿Ji✿ said...

The clothes are super cute!♥

Jamilla Camel said...

Sigh! I love Japanese magazines!

They are very expensive in the UK so I subscribe only to VoCE.

They have Uniqlo stores in the UK, but the designers series stuff seems to be limited to Japan.

For body whitening, try products with AHAs, like glycolic acid. These have a two-fold benefit: if you have dry, scaly skin, it gets rid of that, and reveals new, fresher skin as well.

Unknown said...

Wow nice shirts~
Yes the caption says it's from a special edition line from Steven Alan. There's a Uniqlo in NYC which I often go to.. not sure if the shirts are available.
I've been reading your blog for awhile, will be following you! You have cute stuff :)

fuzkittie said...

Omg the shirts are too cute!! I want everything, hahaha.

aichaku-愛着 said...

hi tsuze, thanks for the link! i'm not confident with my written chinese especially since i learnt simplified chinese and not the traditional chinese that taiwan uses. but it's useful for the reading material. thank you!

MiuMiu said...

sometimes i wish i could read japanese...looking at the pictures in the magazines can only do so much.
there's 2 uniqlos in seoul...both in myeong dong. i don't recall seeing that particular top you have on your page..but i know they have the steven alan collection up and the tokyo girls collection too.
i think they're more expensive in hong kong, so it might be more expensive for you to get it here? unless the exchange rate is good for you hehe

Tsuze said...

You're most welcomed! :)