Saturday, 18 April 2009

Some Freebies I Got This Week

I was too free last week and started dwelling too much on negative things. It didn't feel good at all (I'm sorry I tortured you guys with some of it in my posts!) Fortunately, I have many things to do now, and feel back to normal. I'll show you some freebies I got this week. blog 003copy A lipstick from Loreal - member gift. A long-lasting lipstick. Colour is quite nice but I don't like lipsticks like this because they are dry and leave a stain after wiping off with just a tissue. blog 001copy From Shiseido, another member gift, I don't know for what, but I went down to collect it. It was supposed to be a shampoo and moisturiser sample, but since I was late, the shampoo had run out and they replaced it with a conditioner. The SA told me it's the last one! LOL. blog 004copy Recently, the hair dresser decided to trim my bangs so that it is "lighter". It is still long but cannot be tucked behind my ear anymore. So, my hair keeps getting in my eyes (annoying when shopping frantically). Wearing hairbands give me a headache and unflattering with my thin hair. I dug out my pins. Plain. Yeps. I feel it's feel comical to be in my 30s, wearing glasses and putting on flowery/too glittery pins on my hair. LOL. blog 006copy After talking so much about it, I'm finally leaving on my trip tomorrow night. I'm really nervous because it's my first time travelling alone! I've never travelled alone before actually. Does it sound strange? Decided to bring my laptop and DSLR. I will stick my DSLR in my handbag. Can you see it? I'm sure it's a not good idea at all. It's not padded and not safe, but I don't want to bring the big camera bag. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Jac said...

Thanks for reminding me about shiseido gift! I'm suppose to collect "something" by May. Hey I think you are really brave to go alone on a trip.. I was just thinking about it last night. Thought of going to Taiwan or Japan alone but my friends are discouraging me as they said it too dangerous. Do share about your experiences after that ok? Awaiting for you to blog about it! Take care

aichaku-愛着 said...

Jac, too dangerous? What's so dangerous about Japan and Taiwan? Personally I've been to Japan and Taiwan several times and find them very safe. Have your friends even been to these 2 countries?

Just follow your common sense as in any city, and don't go to dark places alone, I think these 2 places are actually safe.

I am more nervous about myself in the sense that I'm quite scatterbrain and I do get panic attacks so I really need to learn to be reliant on myself if I'm travelling alone. :D

jac said...

Same here...I'm alert in work and for the rest of the time...I can be quite a blur queen.

Yumeko said...

u should buy a bag for ur camera like just a protective casing so u can put it in ur handbag?
i'll take u to buy it

call me when u get here so i know u got here safe dear

Anonymous said...

Jac: may i butt in? i am taiwanese, born and raised there. nothing is dangerous walking around on the streets. :) don't worry.

and aichaku: our local shiseido is having offering too but i couldn't be bothered with its text msg as i have nothing i want from it. *_*

i like the hair care products though. they are great.

Jamilla Camel said...

I am so excited for your trip!! Japan is very safe, and you will be fine! I travel by myself all the time to places like India and I have never had a problem.

You should get a camera condom to protect it, but there's nothing wrong with carrying it in your look like more of a tourist with a camera bag, and it's just another bag to keep track of.


miRaCLe said...

have a safe and fun trip!!^^

Iyah Love said...

Gorgeous lippie shade!! I love lippies :D

Anonymous said...

I went to Tokyo for a week by myself last month. Its very very safe.

Before you leave for any place, bring a map. In case you are lost, you can bring it around to ask people.

If you're lost, ask the ladies on the street for directions. Don't ask the men. The men just anyhow point to somewhere and confuse you further. But the ladies will look at the map and bring you there themselves! They are so wonderful!