Wednesday, 15 April 2009

How to Jazz Up an Aunty Outfit

Ok, since I am on leave from work and I have time, here's the 2nd dress from the previous day's post, that many commented is dowdy and aging. (I don't normally have so much time LOL, maybe that's why my husband doesn't like me having too much time on my hands, I think too much about too many things ...) Oh by the way, thank you to those who think I'm not big/fat haha, I guess it's a camera thing? My fats are distributed well all over my rather large frame? My bones are quite big even when I was 47-49kg in my twenties, I couldn't fit into small sizes. I had to buy Medium clothes, now I'm a large ... :p gawsh ... I don't think that's small or acceptable in a country of very willowy thin girls. It's quite an expensive European "brand" dress, (I got it cheap though haha, in that aspect I'm truly aunty - I look for bargains). The reason I like it:
  • A nice heavy fabric and cut (it's classic and comfortable)
  • Doesn't make me look like I'm bulging here and there (hides flaws)
  • Formal enough for work
  • Correct length at the waist (I have a hard time finding dresses in Singapore because I'm taller and have a longer torso than most Singaporean women)
  • stops just above the knee, where my legs are thinnest
  • Doesn't bunch up thickly at the waist when I'm sitting down.
  • Transits easily from indoor to hot outdoors (it's cool, not warm to wear in our tropical weather. Put on a cardigan at the office where it's quite cold, but outside where it is 29-32 deg C, I wear it as is. Layering is a no-no, it's really hot outside. If I didn't take any public transport, I wouldn't mind layering but I do take a 20-30 minute bus-train ride and walk home from work, and I hate shoving in the crowds and feeling hot and sweaty.) 004copy
This is normally how I wear it at work. Plain. With a simple silver chain (not visible ... oh oh) and my Italian half-inch pumps (I need comfy shoes ... aging ... sigh). By the way, I left my hair in view for you to see it, it's a short layered one-length bob with a side part. Anyway, for the reasons stated above, I don't want to throw it out. Besides, it's new (and I've thrown half my wardrobe last night already - I think it's time to start thinking about making things work). Haha. Looking at it in the photo, I do look dowdy ... But sigh, I do have a rather thick waist and thick ankles. Eg. some of you suggested belting stuff, eg. wearing a cardi and belting it, I love those looks but when I tried it, and I created 2 lumps, 1 above the belt, and 1 below the belt. :p Since everyone is so helpful, I'd love to hear tips on how you'd recommend jazzing it up. Keep in mind though, that I don't like plastic accessories, and I'm afraid (really meek) about being too bold ... :p (Sigh haha, hard to teach an old dog new tricks huh?) Keke. Thanks! :D I saw some accessories at Aldo and I thought they might help, before I buy them, tell me what you think? I promise after this post, I need to take a break from this, I think I worked myself up too much thinking about it and I'm really tired. LOL. And I am toying with the idea of booking a personal shopper at Tangs. I'll let you know how it goes if I do. ^_^ © Copyright. All rights reserved.


izumi said...

i love the bibber accessory :) but then again i'm not a huge fan of big, chunky accessories. mona (makemeblushhh) and steph (dskjewelry) both make awesome jewelry :) and i make earrings too! just as an option.

i think that dress looks very nice! i would add maybe a colored cardigan, a thin belt around the cardigan also.. maybe colored shoes and a clutch. and a necklace :) and it would be very cute! you should post a picture of you wearing the cardigan also~

Jamilla Camel said...

I like that dress...nothing wrong with it! I do think you need some good accessories with it, an eye catching necklace and perhaps a thin belt. (I have a similar figure and I hate belts!).

Also, get a trendy cardie, not a plain one. For shoes, you don't have to go high, but try out something trendy from Tods, Prada, or Geox--you want to go for a high-end Tai Tai look now!

fuzkittie said...

I'd say throw on a crisp, structured cropped jacket. It will give you form, and make it more modern.

Stuff like this:

Some of those are leather but it doesn't have to be, if it's hot you can opt for light cotton. But go for a similar cut, make sure it fits you really well, you don't want the sleeves to look too tight. The shoulders must fit perfectly. I'd say using a light natural hue is better than using black to go with the dress.

As for those accessories, I think they're too colorful for this dress, because the dress has flowery patterns all over it. So if you throw on something so colorful, there will be no focus to the outfit... I'd opt for a bold simple piece instead. Since you don't like anything too bold, this necklace I think would look much younger for the outfit:

I would not suggest a cardigan for the outfit because it can make it look more aunty! I swear.. hahahaa.

The shoes are fine I think. :]

-Yu- said...

you look gorgeous. Some accessory with that will make it pop!and like the others had mentions, cardigans, short jacket will add some modern touch.

I hate the how asian culture about beauty of thin skinny frail looking girls. WE NEED SOME MEAT ON OURSELVES. That is what we are made for!

dodo said...

Yeh, seeing you wearing this dress, I don't think you are fat at all. That's right, this floral dress has a lot going on already, you don't need an extra necklace. What I would do is maybe add a wide black belt(soft fabric one), pointy heels(i know it's not comfortable, but you only wear in the office), bangles(black or gray color). My inspiration comes from her:

jac said...

Hey that a beautiful dress! You just need some accessories eg necklace, belt.. and high heels. I like this dress! U look good