Sunday, 19 April 2009

Paul and Joe Haul

Hi, I'm not gone yet. My last post before I board the plane tonight (I know you are BORED of hearing it already haha!) I have internet connection at the hotels I'm putting up in, so I'll probably log in every once in a while. Anyway, today's post is to show you, ok, confess, I'm nuts. LOL. I went and bought P&J stuff BEFORE going to Japan. Turns out it's cheaper to get P&J here, particularly with a 20% discount. Thanks to the heads up from Miracle, I headed to BHG, where there was a 20% discount yesterday at the P&J BHG counter. ^__^ (Btw, Miracle, yes it's S****y at Isetan Scotts! ^_^ ) Items: Protective Fluid Foundation N 20, Moisturizing Foundation Primer 01, Pressed Powder N 02. blog 012copy So, my FAQ is amended. Previously the Takashimaya SA told me the P&J Primer is $63sg and so I wrote that it's cheaper to buy P&J in Japan. Actually, the primer is $53sg and that means it's cheaper to buy P&J here in Singapore, with the current exchange rate. $63sg is the price of the Protective Fluid Foundation N. The SA recommended that I take the Primer in 01 and the Foundation in 20 (instead of 02 and 10 respectively) and showed me a comparison. Primer 01 is a glowy base whereas Primer 02 is yellow based. Foundation 10 is yellowish (matched with 01 primer it'll make me look white). 02 foundation is more pinkish, so matched with Primer 01, it'll give a glowy look, instead of white. Whereas 02 primer + 10 foundation will give me a more matte (ie. yellow-based), less glowy look. Confused yet? I was. It did look better though, I sometimes think these SAs have all these theories just to confuse us. LOL. I also managed to get the often out-of-stock Pressed Powder N in 02. I chose this gift-with-purchase as I wanted to get those skin care samples. blog 013copy Very nice texture and feel to the pouch. And it's so roomy. Included are sample sizes of Moisturising Foundation Primer 03 (was told it's transluscent), Light Cleansing Milk, Moisture Lotion, Moisture Cream and Whitening Emulsion. Here's my "collection" of powders, 2 foundations and 3 pressed powders (I know, I don't need so many hahaa and I'm going to buy more soon!) blog 014copy1 I don't collect makeup, so I use them all (not at the same time haha) and love them for different reasons, but you know what? I can't tell really, if they are perfect matches. I'm not good at peering at my face and making makeup evaluations. :p Did you notice something? One of the powders is in a "weird" non-makeup container? Haha, I stuck my P&J Creamy Compact Foundation 01 into the free Doraemon box that came with May issue of Biteki and it fit! It fit into the cover though, so Doraemon's bum is always facing me now when the box is closed. LOL! I decided to leave it there. :D Thing is, I only have 1 container/cover for my P&J powders, so I measured and I think I can stick P&J powder into the Lioele container. Is it abit OCD to want proper covers for all the powder refills? They do fine in their well-made plastic containers actually. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Jenn said...

Nice use of the Doraemon container. I still don't know what to do with mine.

That is one of the nicest gift with purchase I've seen. P&J has such nice pouches.

MiuMiu said...

wow so many powders! and I only have 2 haha. I was so tempted to get one from sofina primavista.
why are the SAs so confusing there? lol hmmm..maybe they have a plan to confuse customers so they'll buy more haha.
I got the P&J 03 primer and now I'm waiting for it to get here. I'm so impatient.

Bijin Blair said...

Is the sale for a day only?

Unknown said...

Hi Aichaku :) TY for your comment.
People have said I look old for my age.. I am still HS student hahaha.
Ah I really want P&J but they are not readily available in US, only in Bergdorf Goodman. Cute usage of doraemon container!

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for sharing!! I was going to ask why you got Foundation which is pinky, but you answered my question! Fuz and I use Primer 01 with Foundation 10, and it seems to work, but you must be less yellowy!

I see you went and got the May issue of Biteki!! I think I'm going to put my earrings in my Doraemon box for my next trip, lol!


Yumeko said...

i shall go singapore to buy p ^ j tooo!!!

how long is this sale on?

Tracy said...

Cute usage of the container! I wonder what to put in mine :)
And I love PnJ primer in 03.

miRaCLe said...

nice!! hahas. I also went down to BHG :p

I choose the other GWP.. the vanity box... hahas.
coz I've the pouch already!
been using it as my cosmetic pouch for almost a year now! hahas. :D
Yes!! It's roomy!! that's why my purse is always heavy!! cos I dump in too many unnecessary make up in there and bring it with me everywhere.. :p

beeyoutiful7 said...

Paul & Joe stuff is absolutely gorgeous =)

thanks for sharing all this!!


fuzkittie said...

Nice haul! Sweet 20% discount!! When will that EVER happen in the US?! Hahaha

Edna said...

Nice P&J haul :)

Anonymous said...

hi, do u want more of PnJ skin care samples. I got quite a few n i don't think i can finish them. I f u keen, let me know ;)