Saturday, 11 April 2009

Organising Beauty Stuff & Other Random Things

How do you organise your beauty stuff? Here's a peek at how I organise some of my stuff. (Hmm, I just noticed alot of finger prints on the shiny cases.) 003copy I'm kind of a Daiso addict. $2sg stuff from Daiso Singapore is 50cts more expensive than in Japan based on today's exchange rate. Still, it's rather worth while, getting things from Daiso if you look carefully, eg. these baskets. 004copy I also don't like stuff staining my shelves/tables, so I get small dishes to put my oils and baskets to put my creams. 008copy Oh and recently, I got wash cloths from Daiso. At $2sg per piece, it is feels less wasteful and easier to dump them every 3-4 weeks for a fresh, new one to keep the bacteria away. 006copy This week's attempt at gradation nails. I cut my nails short. I can't stand them getting long. Is it abit of an antithesis to painting nails? :D 017copy I'm not doing much to prepare for my trip! I wonder why. I don't feel like planning anything at all, but I need to get some money changed and arrange for a phone to use (I don't have roaming on my current handphone number) etc ... © Copyright. All rights reserved.


K said...

oooh, is the basket also from daiso?

just fyi, you can get the uniqlo clothes only from select stores. Here's the list I got from the website, and I picked out the ones you might have a chance at going to:
Ginza branch
Ikebukuro Tobu branch
Shibuya Spain-zaka branch
Shinjuku Branch (the one inside Marui)

Cris said...

<3 the nails :).

Anonymous said...

organizing makeup is one of my biggest thing when it comes to mu. can't stand dirty looking mu nor dusting stuff or unslightly brushes...

you did well and the nail polish is so classic!

Yumeko said...

wow u are organised!
i use containers from muji ^^

MiuMiu said...

ooohhh shiny things. i went to a daiso in hong kong and i had a blast!
i'm probably gonna post up a get together suggestion at the end of this week. hmm...will the 23rd be too rushed for you since you're arriving on that day? i was thinking of having dinner instead to better fit the schedule.
if anything, maybe sunday the 24th would be better for lunch...i won't be able to do dinner cuz I keep a routine schedule at night due to school...i hope everything works out tho =)

-Yu- said...

Hi, love. thank you for the follow. i love your blog btw.

You are very organized! Just seeing this post makes me want to organize my stash now. ha ha ha.
great nails! i love the colour
I as well hate long nails. Although i kind of like the looks of it. But having it is really impractical. :d

beeyoutiful7 said...

I need to learn how to organize did a good job <3

It seems like you have a lot of cute eyeshadow palettes <3 Its very obvious by seein the package <33


Lisa said...

Nice nails. What oils do you use? I'm interested in relaxing + de-stressing oils. Got any recommendations?

Tine said...

I just love organising my makeup. Just opening my makeup drawers and looking at my goodies give me such a thrill :p

Good idea on using baskets for your lippies. I'm gonna check out IKEA for baskets too! :P