Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Thank Yous, & Lunasol Primer

Thank you so much everyone! I appreciate all your comments from yesterday's post! I'm going to take some time to think about how to incorporate them all into my shopping. Some points are really easy to follow, eg. XXX said find things with waist cut. But others are bit harder, eg. I appreciate some of you told me the clothes are frumpy, but I'm not sure how to choose less frumpy clothes in future. Offhand, perhaps the key is that I really have "old" taste and I need to modify this taste. To do so, I'd have to figure out what is "young" haha. :D Am I right to surmise that "old" is stuff that are dark, long and ill-fitting? I did think my clothes fit quite well ... LOL. Ohoh :p Oh well. Oh dear, and I can't be sure I'll go out and buy less frumpy clothes! lol. What to do? And I can't throw out my whole wardrobe, some of these dresses are new, LOL ... so I got to figure out how to make them less frumpy. Like some of you said jazz it up with trendy shoes and accessories, I'll take these tips and go look for such! ^__^ Haha I hope I don't buy "wrong"/"old" accessories. LOL I love the suggestion to post my clothes for your comments. Maybe I could do this for clothes that I am uncertain about, whether to keep or throw? If you are not bored. ^_^ *Sigh* I miss not having a good girl friend here or even a sister to discuss makeup and clothes with. Or people who give constructive tips... my mum is hopeless, she doesn't care to tell me the why or wherefore ... she just says "nice" or "not nice" and "good for wedding" or "good for work"... and thinks I'm offended when I try to ask her "why?" or "in what way?". I thought I could learn by knowing why or comparing her reasons with my personal views, but she thinks I'm angry. LOL. One key thing is: I don't have a good figure, my stomach and thighs are quite thick. So I can't wear things that are too fitted, or I'd start to look lumpy. The lumps of fat show up. I used to be very trim and abit of an exercise freak, so these days, those lumps make me feel I need to wear clothes that are bit looser so that they don't show? I guess this is wrong? I also have a bad/sway back, so I tend to slouch ... Another very important point is that I keep my hair short. I have a short, layered bob, with no fringe/bangs (I like to keep the hair off my face). I don't feel I can do much with it, because I struggle with the problem of thinning hair, I do go for trichologist treatments but I cannot keep my hair long, it pulls on the hair shaft. The hair is too weak to take chemicals like dye and perms and straighteners. I also have natural waves in my hair, so sometimes, as an Asian people expect I should have a straight curtain of hair and often think I don't comb my hair. LOL. I feel this has the MOST to do with people thinking I am aunty. Fuz has hit the main point, I think, because hair is the most obvious thing on a woman. I can't think of what to do with my hair, except, I did think of getting a WIG! Should I? :D I also don't like bringing attention to myself ... maybe that's another thing ... I don't want to look flashy and loud ... and some "young" things like bold accessories ... are just too "bold" ... I'm not daring enough to wear them ... Anyway, yesterday, I bought some jeans ... I was thinking wearing them, instead of my frumpy lumpy jeans skirt will give me a "lift" keke. :D I was glad when Fuz replied on Twitter that jeans are the way to go to look younger. Here's a pic of my new jeans and a top that I usually wear to work. You can see how frumpy and lumpy my body is, actually, maybe the key is I should go exercise again ... ugh nooo, I actually hate exercising now ... 003copy Ok, let's get back to regular programming! Today, I'll tell you about how much I like Lunasol's primer ... Lunasol's primer is called Control Makeup Base and comes in 3 colours: 01 - Moisture: blue tone, not much pigment, a watery thin base 02 - Lighting: pinkish tone, with very fine illuminating glow/shimmer, light pigmented base 03 - Clear: yellow tone, MA told me it's used to counter redness in the skin, quite thick in my view primer I chose to buy the 02 primer. It leaves a glowy finish, and absorbs well into the skin. As you can see from my fingers after I applied the primer to my face, the primer lightens and brightens the skin. . The glowy finish, seems to deflect imperfections, leaving my skin looking smoother than usual ... but it doesn't have much coverage so I still have to use a light foundation. Overall, I love this primer. On the day I bought it, I went over to look at P&J's. This primer is more glowy compared to P&J but P&J's seems to have more coverage. I haven't used it on my face yet, but I intend to buy it and I'll let you know how it compares to Lunasol's. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


cavano said...

I think you looked great!! You're too hard on yourself :p.
Bob can be quite stylish too, like the Pob (Posh bob). But I figured you'll looked great with the flowy curled Jappy style ;). Extensions perhaps?
Thanks for the Luna primer review, I'm gonna try it at my counter soon. I had my eyes on the MUFE primer too.

beeyoutiful7 said...

Hey gurl !
You don't look bad at all !
I think that you need to try to love your body more and try to work with it. Also the confident is the key to make you look/feel soo much better =)

I do think that I wear a lot "mature" clothes for my age but it's my style and as long as I feel great about myself ? I honestly don't care what other people thinks.

I do agree with "cavano" 's comment. I think you'll look cute with loose curls =)

The weathers getting nicer now! Why dont you get urself a nice "Spring Skirt" and a cardigan with a pretty tank-top ?


izumi said...

if it fits well, then that's good! lots of people buy clothes that DON'T fit well, then complain.. but it seems like you're a step ahead. maybe just add more color or some cute accessories :) i used to wear lots of plain, dark clothing and now just mix it up with color and pattern. it's fun :) or you can get a camisole and a cardigan.. great mix, conservative and young. and in fun spring colors?

i have a bob! maybe you can change it to an angled bob.. or add more layer or texture.

higher waisted items will probably look good.. as well as A-line clothing.. thinner at the waist, then it sort of gets flowy. it covers up a larger bottom half (i have that too).

lots of online websites now have a "figure out your body type!" then give you tips on clothing. best way i guess is to go shopping with a fashionable pal :) or find someone with a similar body type and see what they wear, and take tips from there. like "what not to wear"?

self comfort is better than what other people think, though. if you like it, then if you chose to update it, make sure you still like it!

Mlle_Lou said...

You look nice, but if you want to quickly look trendier IMHO a flattering fresh haircut will help a lot. Choose something you would like on you first, then a little edgier than that, ask the hair person for a modern young cut. I have professors in their 50's wearing very young cuts ( not too girly is a key),and it takes years off them, in a cool way.

Have one ( or very few )trendy piece that can be easily matched to your more conservative outfits, updating them.So you do not spend too much and do not look like a fashion slave.

It could be an incredibly modern light jacket or a super sharp pencil skirt (sexy and slims lower body like magic) to mix and match with other pieces that you already have. Once you know what trendy things play nice with you, just update those ;)
I hope to help, thank you for your nice blog! Myself have some issues with the way I look, so I was touched to read your post.

XXX said...

good job! jeans is good.

regarding ur concern on thick stomach and thighs:

if u r afraid clothings that are too fitted, avoid those with thin materials (jersey cotton/lycra). semi hard/thick material that fits appropriately is good. it will sorta hide the lumps. it doesnt matter if u r fat or thin, most importantly, it has to be fitting. it is okay to be slight loose, just make sure it doesnt affect ur proportion, since shorter ppl tends to look frumpy in baggy/loose clothing.

And, ur top!
it is too plain/conservative i find. it should be slightly longer too.

opt for longer tops that sits on the hip! (ie covers the pocket of ur jeans) and try to bare more on top (neck,decolletage)
choose tops with patterns on top.
one with big square/V/round collar will certainly look better than the one u r wearing i think.

try emphasizing ur upper body so that ppl wont notice much on the lower part. *winks

thin long simple necklace will help too!

i think u will look good in skirt too. just make sure that it is not any longer than knee length!any A line skirt wud look good on u.

on ur hair, it isn't vy obvious in the pic . But i guess a simple hairband in shimmery colours can brighten up ur look? my mom wears a pale shimmery purple headband and it looks good on her (she is 55)

that is all for now update us more on how u progress k!

birkinbagbeauty said...

I love the lunasol primer in 2. I haven't bought the full size yet, and I am still living on my samples. I love lunasol's face protector with SPF as well.

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi Aichaku,

I think you and I have similar figures, and I know about the waist and thighs part!!

You don't need to get tight clothes, but clothes that skim your body and show the good bits while glossing over the small lumpy bits. The jeans are a step in the right direction--they look very good on you. You just need to accessorize with some trendy Italian shoes!

Tai Tai handbags will also help...you will be envied as a high end lady, not an auntie!

Thanks for the pointers on the Lunasol primer!

Yumeko said...

i think u need to cut urself some slack
i dont think u are big at all
i am way bigger than u are hahaha esp right now. but i dont think i dress frumpy
or maybe i do
not sure hahahahahah

MiuMiu said...

don't put too much pressure on yourself..i'm sure one day every woman will have their "i look like an aunty" stage...i'm sure it'll happen to me too XD
maybe you could try clip on extensions to see how you like it..best part is you don't have to be commited to long hair =)
btw..i posted a suggestion on the get together =D

dodo said...

Yeh, jeans are they ways to go young. But I feel obligated to wear heels whenever having the jeans on. Because I have pear shape body just like many other asian women. For you, I thought these dresses can go with flats or heels: http://www.bcbg.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3477570&cp=2769162.2768985&view=all&parentPage=family, http://www.bcbg.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3436531&cp=2769162.2768985&view=all&parentPage=family, http://www.bcbg.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3510046&cp=2769162.2768985&view=all&parentPage=family. You can buy dresses with similar styles like above links, and the key is that hem should go above the knee(5-10 cm).

fuzkittie said...

LOL @ people think you don't comb your hair! xD Blazers blazers blazers! Structured tops can make you look cut and slim, not frumpy. I suggest non-stretchy botton downs, avoid cardigans because they either have to skim your shape or look too loose. Pair blazers with button downs, they go with jeans too! And roll up the sleeves to show layering - young and hip! xD Good luck, I look forward to more of your outfits!!

Laura L said...

wink wink wink. good luck.
hmm, lol, when I'm hiding myself in the house, i will look so messy, so untidy and " leh feh "
haha... but i think i did improve. hmm, i think Fuz's suggestions are good,u can try it. Go go Go... good luck !

Anonymous said...

hihi...you might like to try crop jeans with wedges/platforms. Looks more like trendy tai tai than aunty.

Yeah, and I agree with somebody's comments for you to show more on the top like your neck.