Saturday, 4 April 2009

Weekend Mini Haul (Oh No, I Can't Stay Away from the Shops)

I went for a haircut today (or rather a trim, because the last hairdresser did a really awful job with my short bob). The hairdresser recommended these for scalp care. I had to try them. The things I do to "keep it all together" eh? *big sigh* blog 001copy blog 002copy Then I walked over to Isetan to exchange the too-dark P&J Creamy Compact Foundation Refill I got last time in March. I was pleased that the SA let me change it, even though I had forgotten about it and waited more than 2 weeks. I got the 01 and she told me in future, I should get the 10 for the new formula. blog 004copy While there, I had to check if they had any pressed powder, because I have been using foundation powder for touch-ups and I don't think that's very good at all. Eventually, using my vouchers, I bought the pressed powder in 05. The SA said it's abit more natural and shimmery/glowy than 02. It's really light and nice, I like it. Since I had a voucher, it's ok to get it here I think, rather than wait to get it in Japan. And I've been wanting a P&J powder for a some time. blog 005copy I also got these issues of Japanese mags which have really cute bag packed together as gifts. I have to confess I bought the mags for the bags, because actually, Sweet is a little too young for me. Still, I like looking at the pretty things in the mag. *one more big sigh* blog 009copy But Miss on the other hand, turned out to be a good buy. I find I really like Miss alot. It's not too young but not too old. I think it's targetted at people in my age group! Lots of OL type of clothes and bags and makeup. There are alot of accessories in the magazine that I like, I need to figure out where they are from (darn, I wish I could read Japanese!). And a spread on Coach's Bonnie handbags caught my eye. It looks very "spring" and fun. And even some information on food and restaurants! I could use those, if I could figure out the addresses. *another big sigh* (I'm in a bit of a moody state today, after spending the whole day out. I tire so easily, especially if it involves battling crowds and noise. Plus I'm so unfit!) Here are the cute gifts. First, the Jill Stuart patent handbag. blog 007copy And then a L'occitane bag. blog 008copy The mag gave some ideas on how to use the L'occitane bag. Do you have any others? I don't think I could use them as regular bags. They're really cute but small. And I don't just want to use them as makeup pouches. blog 010copy I have in mind a tonne of things I want to get in Japan, despite the high yen. All those stuff I can't find back here in Singapore. By the way, do you know of any handbag designs that are Japan exclusives? © Copyright. All rights reserved.


MiuMiu said...

i love the freebies from japanese magazines. the north american magazines suck cuz they usually just give coupons for GWP hehe

Bijin Blair said...

The patent bag from JS is so cuteee! I have Bain Divalent too!

Jamilla Camel said...

I love everything about your haul! My salon uses Kerastase products, and I love them all! I got a haircut/color/highlights last Wednesday too. My hair looked like a mullet, unfortunately!

I love all your mags, and now you've got me lemming the P&J powder in 05!! i am calling up Fenwicks NOW to place my order.

I can only imagine what damage you will do you your plastic in Japan...!

dodo said...

I just checked the price of Kerastase,it ain't cheap! please let me know how they work. I have a lot of grey hair, have been looking for hair products that would rejuvenate and make my hair grow black again!!

miRaCLe said...

dun sigh!! it's such a nice hauls.. :D

peek-a-boo at the kerastase balancing shampoo! it's for oily scalp eh?? *me me me* will be waiting for your review ^^

Thanks for sharing :)))

Laura L said...

wow.. great haul. it is not mini i think.haha.
My friend told me that S'pore have Shills store and also Sephora. Have u been there before? how about the price selling in Sephora?

Yumeko said...

i think there are plenty of japan only designs XD its clearly marked in the stores

from LV to Gucci to le sportsac etc etc

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Glad u liked the souvenir :)

How abt Burberry Blue Label? I think they're only available in Japan.