Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Agitated Skin Soothed By SANA Natural Resource

Decided to just blog something quickly. Sad to report that my facial skin started becoming agitated a few weeks ago. There was the usual peeling, redness, raw sensation and bumps, which did not go away no matter what I did. And a "stretched", dry look, like the skin is very "stressed". I suspected Biotherm creams were the main culprit, although I used it without much problem for some time. I stopped using Biotherm but even my normal face wash was irritating by then. So, I looked through my stash and found a lucky draw freebie: SANA Natural Resource Trial Set (Face wash, Lotion M, Milk Lotion). I figured since it's all-natural, my skin will do better with it. Image001copy After using it for a few days, indeed my skin calmed down, looks and feels smoother. Even the bumps are gone. Since I had such good results, I thought I could explore using this for the long-term. But now I have a problem trying to understand this SANA product line. Why is it called "Medicated" on all the bottles? I wonder should I even continue using it? I didn't even realise it is targetted for acne-prone skin. I checked the SANA website, and it seems only some products are for acne, not all. So why are all the products labelled "Medicated"? I wonder what to do next, after the SANA Natural Resource trial pack is used up. Overall, looks like I have to face the fact that I need to return to gentler skincare, since I find the ingredients lists are too long and difficult to read. It's hard to isolate which are likely ingredients that might cause sensitive skin reactions! I should just suck it up and return to "natural" and "preservative free" skincare like Fancl or Jurlique. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Sana makes some good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Fancl looks like a pretty cool choice too, tho i have not personally used it but have heard of some good experiences. btw, it could be that the trial kit u had was specifically for acne skin? perhaps u should explore other range of sana?