Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Quandary Of Treatments

A few years ago I purchased some spa treatments as a package (ie. I block purchased a set of treatments for a discount). At that time, I made an agreement with the hubs that he will be staying home at least twice a week to be with the son, while I go out for these treatments after work. Sometimes these treatments go on till 8-9pm and I don't get home till 9plus, so I didn't feel good leaving my son at home alone. I know there are tonnes of women who do leave their children alone at home many nights a week and the children go to bed by themselves. But I'm not one of these women. I won't do it until my son is old enough and that means when he's reached teen years, at the very least. I still feel it is important to talk to him, check in with how he is and review his day with him in person, face-to-face. Mind you, some of these other parents personally tell me with conviction that talking over the phone several times a day to check up on the child is good enough parenting. I'll reserve my comments about such parents but when they attack me for being "over protective" I will not take it lightly when I have to defend myself and my position to these people. (Yes, I'm still sore about these highly self-righteous and judgemental people). Ok now that I've made my position clear, let's get back to the spa treatments. HAHAA. So, these darn treatments, they have languished in the spa unused because since last year, my husband's work pace has picked up alot and he hasn't been able to keep to his side of the bargain. The situation doesn't look like it's going to improve either this year. This means I cannot find the time to go for the treatments. Additionally, I was increasingly cheesed off by the gradually declining standard of service at the spa. I would make an appointment but will have to wait at least half an hour before my treatments begin. This means I often arrive home late, much later than I planned. Last week, I finally took some action. I made a complaint to the spa HQ about the spa service and also requested for a refund for my unused treatments, but since it has been such a long time since I purchased the treatments, the spa said I can't get a refund but they are willing to give me alternatives. Yesterday, the spa consultant finally came back to me with some detailed breakdowns with suggested alternatives:
  1. Convert existing body treatments to facial treatments
  2. Convert remaining dollar value to products.
After thinking about this, I feel strongly I want to stop the treatments because I really can't afford the time to go anymore, yet I feel the products they are offering me isn't that great. I'm in such a quandary. This teaches me an important lesson. Never buy treatment packages, ever again! I still don't know what is the best way forward to solve my current problem with the spa treatments though. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Awww, hehe... sometimes you just get suckered into things, I understand!

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Aiyah, ignore those pp and their comments. Sometimes it's tough when they come wif uninvited comments/advice *arrggh*