Saturday, 10 January 2009

Mixology Mineral Makeup

Mixology Makeup is a mineral makeup store. It is preparing a website launch but meanwhile, you can buy the makeup from its online store in Etsy. Here are the Mixology Samples that I received in the mail this week. Image000copy Swatches below are eyeshadow except those marked B for Blush, I didn't swatch the foundation (Natural Girl). I've not tried the foundation. makeup 001copy L-R: Connundrum, Radiate (B), Armor, Fray, Connundrum. makeup 002copy L-R: Chica (B), Dune, Fringe, Crush, Sugar According to Mixology's online shop information,
"Mixology Makeup is the healthy makeup alternative that will help improve the quality of your skin and give you a radiant look without damaging ingredients! NO cheap fillers, NO chemicals, NO synthetic dyes (the culprits for most allergic reactions), NO parabens, & NO preservatives. Vegan friendly, Virtually water resistant, perfect for very sensitive skin, anti-inflammatory, great coverage for acne & rosacea, won't clog pores so your skin can breathe, natural SPF, light weight, & dry ingredients so bacteria does not grow (if kept dry). Bismuth & Carmine Free!"
My Thoughts Texture: On application, the mineral powders smooth out and blend easily. Especially for the blush, it applies on very sheer and nicely blended. Colours: As you can see from my swatches, the colours are very subtle and don't look very distinct one from the other on the skin. However this is a quality that I like and seek in my eyeshadows and blush, because I prefer a more subdued look to my makeup. This way, I get some variation in colours but not too intense in effect. Some colours are too light for me and don't look good, but the dark colours can be quite nice due to the sheerness. Pigmentation: I read that Mixology's colours are more pigmented than most other mineral eyeshadows and blush. The powders can be built up to be more intense. There's a quality of sheerness even after applying many layers ie. the colours show, can be intense but it's sheer, not opaque like maybe Mac? I love the sheerness of the colours and also the shimmer. It's got almost similar qualities to Japanese makeup colours. Lasting Power: Very lasting indeed actually! I really love the fact that though it does crease a little if I apply more layers, I can still see the colours on my lids and cheeks even after an entire day. Final Verdict: I will be buying full-size quantities of my favourite colours. I love the Chica blush. It gives me a nice, natural flush. I also love the blues and greys in the eyeshadows. I mentioned it in my previous post, the first set of samples got lost in the mail and the seller sent me another set without extra cost, so I highly recommend Mixology for the great service. I do have a dislike for the packaging of the samples. I simply stuck my brush into the packets to get the powders out and for the blush, I did end up with some mess, because my blush brush is too big for the packet. That said, I can understand why the seller would put the samples in packets, as it helps to keep the cost down and enable buyers to get samples at a rather reasonable price. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Mona said...

hmm they do have a nice shimmer effect to them. thanks for the swatches!

Yumeko said...

i like the effect but i am so lazy to use the plastic bags

btw did u get my parcel yet?
i sent it via ems aka speedpost and my sister got hers 3 days ago

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review! I've seen this brand and have been thinking of trying them. :)