Monday, 19 January 2009

Esprique Precious Glamourous Glossy Eyes

I opened up my mail loot yesterday and used my tube of Esprique Precious Glamourous Glossy Eyes (EPGGE) this morning. I don't have a habit of "saving" my stuff. If I have them I should use them or they are wasted, aren't they? LOL. My Thoughts Texture: Very smooth and easy to blend. Dries down to a comfortable smooth finish, not cakey. Colours: The colour I got was BR 31. I find it very convenient to have 2 colours perfectly matched for me in a tube. I like how easy it is to create an easy and casual look with these 2 colours. The colours are also very flattering and natural looking on me. They brighten up my usually dull eye area with the shine and shimmer. Pigmentation: Sheer but I only need to use a little to get good payoff. I can actually see the colours on my eyes! I always thought my problem was my application methods eg. because I didn't use enough powder e/s, I don't really get alot of colour payoff. With this tube of EPGGE, I can see colour. EPGGE made me reconsider, because of how good it looks, I now think some of my powder e/s are simply not good enough or perhaps the wrong colour for me. Lasting Power: Lasting. No need to reapply. I have so far only used Kose's liquid e/s, such as Eye Fantasist. Generally, Kose's liquid e/s is very lasting and EPGGE is not different. Final Verdict: Personally, I like the way liquid eyeshadow (e/s) doesn't crease/fade so much as powder e/s. For me, liquid e/s is also less irritating, as no powders fall into my eyes. I'm also not good at makeup, so anything that does not require precision is best for me, and liquid e/s gives me just that right touch of ease in application. So, overall, I love EPGGE and I'm tempted to try get all the other colours too! I'm so looking forward to Esprique arriving in Singapore shores! Can't wait. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Mac It Pink said...

hey girl!! about the nails..i heard that these press on ones are actually better than when you get them done at the salon. Why? I think it's because at the salon, they sand your nail, then put on the acrylic, whereas these, you just put glue and apply on your nails. Although, I don't recommend having them on for more than 2 weeks...because your natural nails will grow and you'll have a gap. :0)


<3 Penelope

Jamilla Camel said...

It's going on my list!!