Saturday, 31 January 2009

Photos: Sukin Skincare Set

This is what's keeping me up late at night, and making me rush through all my chores today (even rushing my blogging ... but I did want to tell you about this since I took pics haha). The Legend, K-drama dvd. All I want to do is sit down and watch the last 2 discs. Then I want to go out and get more K-drama to watch. So addictive! Image002copy I always thought Bae Yong Joon was a little bit too sissy and never understood all the fuss about him. He's the lead actor you see on the dvd covers. But then I've never watched any of his shows, and now that I have, I can see why he's got so many fans. In fact, I've come to like his acting very much and feel he has charisma. (Maybe a new fan in the making?) One interesting thing: the Korean title of the show, sounds very close to the Chinese title. 태왕사신기 (Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi) / 太王四神記 (Tai wang shi shen ji). The pronunciations are so similar (similar meaning too). Anyway, this sort of confirms my suspicions about why Korean seems easier to "hear" and pick up - it's similar to Chinese in many ways ... perhaps with the close Chinese-Korean history, there are many borrowed words? Everytime I watch k-drama, Korean phrases and words run around in my head, almost like if I could, I would just start talking in Korean! How weird am I? Now you know. (I did try to learn Korean and Japanese but ahhh all my efforts are half-baked with nothing much to show for). Ok, this is a beauty blog, so I'll show you my $36SG Sukin skincare trial set and the $19.95SG night cream. Image000copy Used them last night and this morning. Nothing spectacular in terms of promises ... in fact, it promises nothing except being gentle and soothing. But, today my skin looks like skin ... normal human skin, not scary bumpy, itchy-scratchy or red but normal even toned skin ... that seems to be normal ... hahaha ... I don't know how to explain how good this feels. To have normal human skin ... ugh. I hope this lasts. I think Jamilla and Chizu Saeki are right about not over-treating your skin. I've probably been over-treating it and it was getting upset with me. Now it's just getting a good rest. Image001copy I'll give a proper review when I've used it for some time, hopefully with good reports. I have to say this is a very value-for-money brand. The 4-piece trial set contains four 125ml bottles consisting of cleanser, scrub, facial mist (like a toner) and day moisturiser. The night cream is an item from the standard-size range and is 120ml. Fuz is right, if it works, I save more money for makeup, which is a good thing in this crazy economy, isn't it? Keke. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

wow those are big bottles for a sample kit! i think its a good buy personally~

oh no, are you going to become a yon-sama fan? [tats wat we call him in japan]

fuzkittie said...

It looks very ZEN! haha.. I hope it continues to work well for you.

Yumeko said...

i remember hyunbin! u did a layout on him before

if u want to try stila..visit but u need a usa address [vpost?] its a lot cheaper there

i bought my latest jill stuart from hongkong!! its 10usd cheaper than japan hahahah i think its the same with taiwan too [cheaper in taiwan than japan]

oh i also wrote a long essay
i hate being sickkkkkkk, i woke up this morning and feel like i was going to drop off the face of this earth

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

I was a BYJ fan hehehe... I'm glad you're discovering his charms! ;P

Hey, glad the Sukin range is working for you. I do agree that it's good to leave the skin alone for a while. Sometimes we do too much in panic. I was guilty of that too!