Friday, 16 January 2009

Leg Products: Cool Tights Gel, Hip & Leg Power Tight

John Little's beauty store, Star Dust, is now having a 20% (+10% for Robinson Card members) storewide discount. So, since I had some time I stopped by after work to stock up on my HG stuff, like Fiberwig. In addition, lately, my legs have been feeling tired and heavy. I also wake up with sore feet and painful soles. I know there are several things I could do, like change my diet and do some stretching etc. but I also wanted some immediate relief. So, when I saw thesegels with funny names, I bought them after some consideration. Very cheap, in my opinion, after all the discounts. Image000copy The blue bottle is for the lower legs, with the purpose of relieving tiredness, heaviness and provide a tightening feeling, improve circulation, prevent formation of veins and swelling. The orange bottle is for hips and thighs, has a cool-hot effect, and is supposed to also remove cellulite. They are both light-weight gels that absorb quickly and do not require long massaging. According to a poster display, both were reviewed in 女人我最大, together with some other items. Seems like that means they are good products? I don't know why appearing on 女人我最大 implies a product is good though. *tickled* Nonetheless, after application, my legs and feet felt relieved of tiredness and heaviness. The very minty and cool sensation is soothing. It does the job of giving me some immediate relief, so I'm quite happy with my purchases. The heat feeling from the orange bottle is not so strong. Not sure if the cellulite will be removed, but for something less than S$15 each, it's ok to me to just have some sensory comfort effect. I also found this online: Leg Care Synergy. Maybe I could find something similar in the aromatherapy oils sections at the pharmacy. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


fuzkittie said...

Very cool! Can't wait to see what you think~ I have high interest in leg products. I remember when these were on the show, hahaha. They had models show what they used, and I think if I remember right one model said she uses these. Of course, she had beautiful legs, haha.

Yumeko said...

there's a very good one from orbis a lot of OLs in japan use

i'll take a photo for u