Monday, 5 January 2009

Bobbi Brown Make Up Session #1

I went for my first Bobbi Brown makeup session today at Isetan Scotts Bobbi Brown counter. Basically I wanted to get the Makeup Artist to help me find the right concealor-corrector-brightener combination. I tell you, she's fantastic! I keep forgetting to ask her name though. It's just lucky that every time I go to the counter, she's there. She's a very small and cute young lady with short hair. Very friendly and helpful, with an unassuming air. The first session includes Skin Care, Foundation-Powder, Concealor and Blush. Well anyway, she put on a corrector for me and then a concealor on one eye. And I tried it for myself on the other eye. And I learnt that I am really using too little. She told me I need to use more and not be afraid to use more. I realise it's not just the colour or the product but the skill in application as well. So I really need to practise. The combination she used on me really works but still a little darkness shows through and she said, "You can conceal but if it's really dark, it can't really all go away." Still, it's better than anything I've done myself. I am still undecided if I should spend money on a corrector ... hahaa ... I've overspent during Christmas. I will try practising with what I have first then think abit more about whether to buy the corrector. I might end up getting it in a few days because I have a $10 voucher from Isetan I could use to off-set the price. When she put on the blush for me, I also realised I've been just using too little blush! And pink really suits me more ... Furthermore, today, I realised brown eyeshadow makes my eyes look worse! I always thought natural is better for me, but I now realise brighter colours like lilac, purple and blue freshen up my look and neutralise my dark, heavy lidded eyes. It's good, I learnt so much! Sigh... I just bought a couple of Bobbi Brown neutral-brown palettes. What do I do now? Grrr. © Copyright. All rights reserved.

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fuzkittie said...

Hehe, I have the opposite experience with MAs! They always put WAY TOO MUCH makeup on me, lol. At least I think it's way too much... But that's great you can learn some techniques.

Have you checked out Cle de Peau's concealer?