Friday, 30 January 2009

Review: Anosa L Carnitine V Face Water Gel

Today's review is on Anosa L Carnitine V Face Water Gel (RRP: $13.50SG). It is the 2nd item from the left. Image001copy Here's an official product poster/photo. Lookie at the bottom right hand corner: There's a "before" and "after" photo of what the gel can do for you. It will slim your face down! According to Beauty Bistro and Shill promotion posters, this Anosa gel has:

"Super slimming mini water molecules!! 100% absorbent rate.

Anosa L Carnitine V Face Toning Water Gel’ combined with the latest technology from Japan, enables L- Carnitine to dissolve into tiny molecules which can be absorbed into the skin to remove excess water hence assist in the removal of bloated face. The Caffine composition and toning essence tones up the curve and reduce face flabbiness. Together with the green tea and seaweed extracts, it promotes blood circulation and retains skin moisture."

It does just that for me, only not as dramatically as seen in the product photo. It does not sting, absorbs quickly and is not sticky, has a slight fragrance and does not irritate the face. I don't use it every day though, only when I remember. Actually, I've always hated how puffy my face and nose looks. After I apply this, my face and nose are less puffy. Who would have thought I have water-retention in my nose too?!!? I think I really ought to review my diet, like abstain from some foods, but I don't have the discipline to do it. Meanwhile, my skin is acting up again. Right now, it's peeling at my cheek area and I need to stop using SANA. Probably because the SANA product is for acne?!!? >_<;; Gawsh. This drives me nuts. It's also probably a combination of stress at work, sleeping late (I'm watching k-drama dvds late into the night!) and eating badly (all the Chinese New Year snacking!) In such situations, I feel really frustrated because it means I must truly go back-to-basics for skincare, such as simply washing with Cetaphil and applying nothing else (this is normally what the doctor prescribes and it normally works). But I don't want to do that!! (Why don't I want to do that? It's because ... I'm so sold on the idea that I need stuff to improve my skin ... like prevent wrinkles, lighten my freckles, smooth my pores etc. And I like the idea of "pampering" myself ... but it's really getting me into more problems with my skin instead... Ugh I don't know.) Anyway, I went to get a trial set of Sukin Organics face care products (the only thing available at the nearby shopping centre I went to during lunch). Almost as basic as Cetaphil, but at least I get the illusion of using something "luxurious" because it smells nice and has 3 steps. Fortunately it's rather cheap. I decided to try this because it's cheap, rather than Fancl, Jurlique or Dr Hauscha (which come well-recommended). I used those brands before, then stopped using them but I can't recall exactly why. If Sukin works well, I can save money on the skincare basics in the long run. I'll let you know how it goes. Wish me luck. © Copyright. All rights reserved.


pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Hey, after your recommendation on Beauty Bistro, I bought something from them too!! *LOL* Will post in my blog when the package comes ;P

Sympathetic hugs for the skin. Totally icky when it acts up :(

Yumeko said...

have u tried that face slimming cream...i forgot the name bio something in a blue bottle
when i visited singapore it was all the rage i remember

Par said...

That sounds amazing that it works, I'm going to search for it.

Anonymous said...

hey do you know the massage for it?
They have special massage techniques push, press and pat. But I simply could not find out any clue what steps and massage =(